Tuesday, May 22

The Sky above the Ground

Often in life, we chance upon a business opportunity or some kind of job that is not based on a fixed income.

Financial Advisers. Salesman. Network Marketeers. Real Estate Agents. Credit Card Marketeers. Your own registered business.

The good news is that there is no upper bound to how much you can earn.
The bad news is you might not earn enough to eat.

For every 1 people who encourage you to "Just do it", there are a few others (notably those who care for you) who will tell you it won't work.

Chances are that the person who "care for you" has not done it himself/herself, or is doing it the wrong way.

Humans are cautious and apprehensive by nature. They tend to focus on the 90% of the people who failed as opposed to the 10% of people who suceed. They will rather listen to the people who have failed, rather than the people who has suceeded.

Horror stories about the high turnover rate, the fear of being a pest and the tons of people who fail are sure to make any commoner think twice.

Fear of losing > Joy of winning.

Failing without trying is what I call a double failure.
(1) You fail to try.
(2) You fail to fail.

And by trying, I do not mean trying using your own way. Duplicate from those who succeed, not those who say "it won't work".

If you are hesitant about buying stocks, read about successful investors like Warren Buffett. You don't learn from the auntie in the market who has probably lost her hard earned money punting.

Is there a unlimited sky above the ground?
Or is there a hard ground below the sky?

If you think it won't work, then it will just not work.
That's how the Law of Attraction works.

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