Sunday, July 22

The Bus and I

I have a strong affination with SBS buses.

When I was in my diapers, I used to cry alot.
What my mum will do to stop my cries was to take me on a bus ride, from our house to the bus interchange and back again. According to Mum, the moment I'm up the bus, the crying stops.

It isn't any coincidence that being a bus driver was one of my first ambitions.

I will skip tuition classes and sneak to take bus rides around Singapore when I was in primary school. I just had to make sure I'm back before tuition ends. Mum caught me playing truant once, but I was back to my wandering days after that. Mum was too busy supporting the family with dad to monitor me playing truant.

And while the other kids are collecting stickers and stamps, I was collecting bus tickets. To the extent of picking up bus tickets on the floor. Mum was quite unhappy about me picking up rubbish to keep. =p

I memorised the bus guide when I was young, and used to have a private competition with a fellow classmate who did the same cranky thing.

The bus was also where I met the guy who "rescued" me a classmate who did not allow me to get down the bus stop. This guy ended up being my best friend.

Till now, the bus feels like family to me. Have always made it a point to smile at bus drivers. They are great people, and guardian of the buses.

You guys think I'm crazy?

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small monkey said...

I used to collect those long colourful bus tickets when i was young too! :) But i'm not as 'crazy' as u hehe. (pick up tickets from the floor and memorise bus routes(?!))

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