Monday, July 23

Have you had your cornflakes today?

Cornflakes + strawberries + milk.

Sounds good to you?

Advertisements on children TV have always made this sound like a great nutritious breakfast. The average citizen may agree its true - not oily, no meat, no caffeine.

Well, here's the full story about cornflakes. You can do some net searching if you need a 2nd opinion.

Cornflakes are baked, and possess trans fats. Trans fats are the "really evil fats". You see, Saturated fats increases your LDL (bat fats), but Trans Fats decreases your HDL (good fats) on top of that. Cornflakes are just as evil as bread and cookies!

Low LDL/HDL ratios are associated with cardiovascular diseases. And in Singapore, we have tons of people with heart pain, inflammation of arteries etc...

Also, cornflakes have high glycermic index (GI). GI is an indicator to see how easily the body breaks the food down to the sugar component. Ever had your bowl of rice and find that you grow hungry easily? That's high GI food. People with diabetes condition are normally asked to stay away from high GI food. And so are people who are trying to control their weight via diet.

As a rule of thumb, the more processed a food is, the higher the glycermic index.

If you really love corn that much, why not just stick to eating corn?
Without the evil margarine of course.

Need a better substitute for cornflakes?
Oatmeal. Doesn't taste as good, but your body will love it better.

Have a good breakfast to start the day ahead!

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The Horny Bitch said...

Spoken like a True blue nutritionist.. =)

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