Wednesday, July 18

Saying thanks

My Mum has always emphasized on the importance of thanking people when I was young.
But what she didn't teach me was why I REALLY need to say thanks.

Its easy to thank people.
Hotel staffs, insurance agents and receptionist do that all the time.
Its a service industry standard. Failure to do so may have serious repurcussion in the eyes of the boss.

How many of them really know the reason behind thanking someone?
How many thanks are really genuine from the heart?

Have a strong justification before you thank someone.

The grumpy cleaner who clears the plates and wash the toilet are doing the shit work that many of us avoid.
Even the loud-mouth bus driver who ask everyone to move back so that no one gets left behind.
The dying patient who have gave you months of trouble, but gave you a faint smile before her last breath.

Thank them!

There are so many many reasons to give thanks to someone.
Not just someone, but everyone!

If you feel good when people thank you for all that you have done, please extend the same good feeling to the so many people who deserves it.

How many many many people have you thank today?
And how many REALLY comes deep from your heart?

Happiness and HIV virus have something in common.
They are both contagious.

Whose day are you going to make today? ^_^

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numbernine said...

Happiness and HIV also have another thing in common. You can infect another person with them by having sex with them.

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