Tuesday, July 24

Law of Averages

Law of Averages is something we all know, but never practise much.

Say you are a single guy approaching 30, desperate to get married after numerous nags from parents, colleagues and MOFOs.

So you started trying the Net as an avenue to know more people from the other species.

You collate statistics and realise that for every 10 random gals you email on the Net, 7 of them reply.
Of of 7 gals, you manage to maintain the correspondances with 4 of them.
And finally get to see 1 of them face to face.

Then the success ratio is 10:7:4:1.
10 communicated, 7 responded, 4 online friends, 1 face-to-face friend.

There are a few things you can deduce from this ratio.

(1) For every 10 female friends, you should see 1 of them.

(2) You won't know which 1 that will be, but there should be 1 for every 10.

(3) Even if the previous female rejected you, it doesn't matter at all! Because the Law of Averages will always find its way out to even the success rate in the long run (everything else being the same).

(4) To increase the amount of female friends you see, you can either
(a) improve the success rate (analysing failures, improve your EQ)
(b) increase the number of samples (ie. email more gals lah)

(5) The latter (emailing more gals) will be easier than the former.

In short?

Email more gals, and remember that failures don't matter at all.
Some guys get so dejected in the previous failure that they don't even try anymore.
Don't think of 1 rejection as 1 rejection. Think of it as 1/10 of an acceptance!
And when you add ten 1/10 acceptances together, you will have one whole gal meeting you!

Email 10 and about 1 of them will meet you.
Email 100 and about 10 of them will meet you.
Email 1000 and about 100 of them will meet you.

Its simple, but its apparently too simple for people to bother thinking about.

Now you understand why some ugly guys end up with the chicks? Ok, some of the ugly dudes are probably damn rich, but thats not the point.

Law of Averages can be used in many context. And I think its a deadly combination when used with the Law of Attraction.

Sidenote: Law of Averages was introduced in the insurance industry context in one of Allan Pease's top selling book. Its also how he managed to be the top sales earner in the industry. Learn from the best. Mimic those who succeed, not those who fail.

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