Monday, August 13

Random Notes 21

(1) Namewee is the name of the talented Malaysian Chinese Rapper who took a dig at our Malaysian Government with his famous modified "Negaraku" song - our National Anthem.
I read a bit about the Namewee saga, and the argument from both sides. The truth is out there.
And also, I have heard the song over and over again that I can start to rap the initial lyrics of the song.
Do listen to Muar Chinese Rap. Put all politics aside and enjoy it from an entertainment point of view.

(2) I haven't started preparing for the Sheares Bridge Run on the 26th. A good thing its only 12km. Better start by watching what I eat in the meanwhile.

(3) Went to JB to celebrate my granny's birthday over the weekends. Its good to see all the relatives gather. My Ah Ma is 85 this year, a strict vegetarian. The gathering was joyous, and there were plenty to chat about. Ah Ma had a few great grand-children liao, and its natural that they were the darlings of the gathering. When the celebration ended, it seems sad. All of us going home one by one, leaving Granny's house quiet all over again.

(4) My granny is still decently healthy, minus the normal old people ailments. Recently, I have been feeling a little insecured. And very afraid. I want her to live as long and happy as she can.

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smallmonkey said...

(1) Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it. NameWee's the perfect example.

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