Tuesday, August 14

The skill that you left out

My life from primary school to university was mainly centred about 2 things - gaming and studying.
I don't drink, don't cheong, don't do much sports and is single/unwanted.
Thus I have alot of time at hand.

Which is good for my studies because I always end up finish all my exam preparations 1-2 weeks before it starts.

Most of my classmates who have a life outside studies, have to do last-minute preparations. And end up having to study the topics that will "most likely" come out.

Which is also where the danger lies. The Russian Roulette game of luck. If you are lucky, you get the right picks. If you aren't, you may be getting 1-2 grades lower.

Similarly, life offers alot of courses. The number of things to learn is endless. And if we only pick up skills that are "easier", and shun skills that we have a phobia on, that might just be the skill that makes the difference.

Take public speaking for example. My hands used to tremble when I have to do it in front of class. I will speak way too fast, and the focus isn't there as I was too nervous.

Shun a skill, and you lose a deal.

Being weak in something is not a reason for avoiding. Its a reason for improving..

Same goes for cold-calling, sales skills, networking with strangers, organising events, striking conversations with strangers, mental reflexes, fixing your leaking pipe, and many other skills. They are not exactly the easiest skills to pick up. But they are life's skills.

Remember this.
The skill that you choose to miss will DEFINITELY come back to haunt you the most.

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