Wednesday, September 5


When a salesman walks up to you and tell you a deal that seems too good to be true, the first thing that cross most of our mind is "What is the catch"?

When someone from the opposite sex walks up to you and says he/she will like to know you better, do you shoot him/her with a "What do you want" kind of look?

Its only human to be cautious.
And that's why we sometimes miss out on chances.

Being cautious is fine, but don't discount something because you are ignorant of what it REALLY does and how it REALLY works.

Its like witch-hunt, you fear what you do not comprehend.

Image stolen illegally from Cartoonstock

Way before Bill Gates became rich, he had the vision of every home having their own computers, but he was treated with skepticism during an era when computers were as big as a room. And see who has the last laugh now?

We won't know what happens next, because we said "No".

Now, who wants a free cup of tea?

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The Horny Bitch said...

Never say Never?

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