Friday, October 12

Laughing at oneself

My wedding video was delivered to me yesterday. Looking at yourself on film is a very funny thing to do. You pay special attention to what you do and say, and slap yourself on the forehead, exclaiming "Did I really say/do that?"

Some particular noteworthy mentions.

(1) I looked really cartoon on video. It isn't because I'm not serious, but because I am damn happy. ^_^

(2) The sisters really have planned alot of sabotage for the gate-crashing ceromony, and gotta thank their effort for that. Luckily Too bad I didn't have the time to try them all.

(3) When asked by the sisters to find a buddy and put on the bikini together, only Joe was silly enough not to move back. Took him a long while to realise that he was the only "volunteer". If I need to borrow any big amount of money in future, I sure know who to look for liao.

(4) Mr Ghost was sneakily standing been behind my brothers for a while during the gatecrashing. Only at Wifey's pointing out did I realise that Mr Ghost was trying to see if there were any unlocked corridor windows to the house.

(5) Momo makes a very funny laughing pole, while I really cannot make it as a pole-dancer.

(6) My thank-you speech took 4 minutes. Wifey still feel I was too long-winded. I thought I was quite entertaining. =(

(7) When I pop the cork off the champagne, there was a cling sound in the video. I didn't notice this, but someone said the cork shot the glass chandelier. Damn, I'm good.

(8) The CD music that was played during the march-in had a few pauses. It was quite obvious in the video, and was something that Wifey had feedback to the hotel.

(9) Momo, Squirtz, Joe, Eel and the rest of the clique were the last to shake our hands when the whole wedding ended. Appreciate them staying back to chat a little, despite a long day.

(10) Nat wore the same colourful shirt that he wore to Miss Totoro's wedding.

(11) Overall, it was a great wedding with no major screwups. ^_^

To be happy without even realising for a second that you are happy, THAT'S WHAT BEING HAPPY IS ALL ABOUT!


Mr Ghost said...

Too bad Mr Ghost was not able to just float into the apartment. Haha... In any case, here's wishing Mrs. ShingoT a happy birthday.

numbernine said...

Yes but Mr Ghost has been trained in breaking and entering is that not true?

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