Tuesday, October 9

Staying late

During my honeymoon trip to Florence, Italy, our tour group had dinner at this highly recommended restaurant on a deserted spot, on top of a hill. It was the first time I see people dining, chatting, and dancing with their other halves. Some of my tour mates even joined in the dancing with the Europeans, doing the marcarena and such. Laughter was everywhere under the relaxed environment.

The ambience was great, and I can't help but wonder. For a while, I really hoped I could work, leave on the dot and join them at night.

But how many people back in Singapore are doing OT most of the time at night?

Life is short. Shouldn't we be enjoying most of the time, as opposed to working our ass off?

Europeans have a maximum 40 hours work-week. And they know (at least appear to know) how to enjoy life after work.

While European unions are fighting for the smallest issues and initiating strikes and disrupting traffic, our unions are more concerned with benefits, annual gifts and looking for sponsors while staying in the government's good books.

Back in Singapore, most of us wonder when the weekends are coming. Friday is miles away, we should be looking forward to something closer, like 6pm.

Are you one of those working beyond 6pm?

For those who are doing OT, why are you doing it?
Are you slow at work, or are you overpowered by the never-ending work?

Why should those who choose to go early be casted with an eye of sarcasm by the many who are staying late?

Why should going back late be seen as a norm for professionals in most Singapore companies? If work is REALLY so much, why not rope more people into the company? Because cost has to be kept low for the benefit of the shareholders.

We are Asians - probably one of the most hardworking people in the world.

Have a lovely day ahead.
Friday is only 3 more days from now.

Afternote: I'm writing this not because I do alot of OTs. I'm just bewildered why most professionals accept OTs as a norm.

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Cultural difference

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