Friday, November 9

The Magic Tree (Part 4)

Continuation from
The Magic Tree (Part 1) and
The Magic Tree (Part 2)
The Magic Tree (Part 3)

The blind monkey woke up one day, and felt something was different.
He put his hands to his back, and found something was growing from his back.

Big fluffy wings!!!

It doesn't matter why it was there.
What matters now is that he can fly.

He has till the end of month to figure out how to fly.
This time, he will be gone for good.

He sincerely thank all his squirrel friends, and the Magic Tree, which has been his home for the past many years.

He knows not what the future holds.
Cos even if he can fly, he can't see - He's blind!!

Wish him luck, guys!

[End of "The Magic Tree" series]


squirrel said...

Good luck monkey.

It is hard to articulate what I want to say when I still have my boss's nuts in my mouth.

Anonymous said...


Good for you. :)


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