Sunday, November 4

Life should be a Bollywood movie

You guys probably doesn't know it, but I have always been a fan of Bollywood movies.

I love how the male and female lead is in the middle of some mushy love talk, and then out of the blue, the guys and gals at the background suddenly become synchronised background dancers, dancing to the tune with the lovebirds.

Shouldn't life be all about song and dance?

Imagine you working in the office one day, rushing to finish your powerpoint slides before your deadline in 1 hour. Finally you finished, and showed the hard copy of the slides to your boss at his office. The boss looks through your work on the spot, while you wait there hoping for the best - that he finds it satisfactory.

But as expected, he raises your work high in the air and do a slam dunk on the table, saying the work is shabby and unworthy of a work produced by a senior. As you stand there waiting to get a long unproductive hour of scolding (again), suddenly.....

The office door opens and your colleagues, each equipped with a blue colour file in hand, enters the office. They lined up in a single line with their blue colour file high above their heads. And a dance-like background music is played.

The colleagues moved the files to the left and then to the right, do a side step with their right feet, rejoined their left tfeet to the right. And they do a moonwalk around the office, each doing so at a different speed so that they slowly form the perimeter for the showdown between you and the boss, while keeping equal distances from each other.

Your boss is oblivious to the presence of the dancers, and continue his scoldings. But wait! Words do not flow out of his mouth! Instead, lyrics to the tune of the song comes out.

The words are still harsh. Words like "You are a POOKing useless imbecile!" and "My Grandma can blink faster than ya!". But the tone at which the words are spoken are different, because it is to the tune of the song.

Your boss is singing to a happy tune on how useless you are!
As you try to defend yourself, you subconsciously ended up singing back on why you planned your presentation slides that way - because that was what the exact way that he asked you to do.

And all the while, the dancing colleagues are enjoying themselves, shaking their bom-bom and using the files like a placard.

The boss unexpectedly stood on the table, and did a table dance during the chorus of the song, swaying his hips left and right, and did the shimmer shimmer (belly dancing term where you aggressively vibrate your abs to and fro). Not to be outdone, you run towards the office wall and do a backflip and do the belly isoolation, which the dancing colleagues kindly follow.

As the "war" of words go on, no one is offended because everyone is having fun with the song and dance. As the song came to an ending, your boss admitted (via the lyrics) that he did have a part to play for giving you the wrong directions in coming up with the slides.

Brushing his hair to one side, he did a little robot dance and extended his hand out to you, a signal for peace. You did your own robot dance and shook his hand.

The music finally came to an end, and the colleagues stop dancing and hastily left the office.
One colleague ran back and closed the office door. ^_^
And things were back to normal.

Shaking his hand, you sat down and had a constructive discussion with your boss on how he wants you to make the changes to the slides.

And hour later, you left the office pleased, and motivated.

As you took a deep breathe and shouted "Yes! I can do it", your colleagues rise from the seat, each holding an umbrella. And Rihanna's Umbrella was played. And everyone, minus the boss this time, danced and sing a little before everyone resumed work again.

How can you not love working?

My soon to be ex current company wants to adopt the Fish! Philosophy. Maybe they can try the Bollywood Movie Philosophy after that.

Life should be a Bollywood movie!
Cos Limpeh said so!

One funny clip here to end this post.


nat said...

it is probably time you watched "dancer in the dark". May be you should have written it in the first place

numbernine said...

Yes but don't watch the ending (of Dancer in the Dark).

OrangeJelly said...

Just informing you that i've moved my blog url to

Anonymous said...

Did u receive any major slide-setbacks recently? V imaginative... ;p


Joe said...

I think u are ABN at heart.

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