Tuesday, November 6

Proving them wrong

My parents are stubborn people, but were never an egoistic person.
Which leads me to believe my stubborn personality is nature, but my ego is nurtured.

Being stubborn and egoistic doesn't mean I never listen.
I still believe in getting a balance argument before making my own judgement.
It only means when I believe strongly in something and I will go all out to prove them wrong.

I see my stubbornness as a strength as opposed to a flaw.
The satisfaction of going against the norms, and the naysayers is irreplacable.

There is a Mr Ego that resides inside me.
And he loves to prove people wrong.

Every time I prove them right, Mr Ego will stretch me to reach the otherwise.
Every time I prove them wrong, Mr Ego keeps me locked on the target and inch closer.

The faster the threadmill runs against me, the more determined I am to run even faster.

There's nothing personal.
Even if I want to stop, Mr Ego does not allow me to.

Mr Sniper has this saying I always loved quoting.
I'm not trying to be different, but you guys are just the same.

Never underestimate the power generated by an egoistic man.
And more importantly, never let the egoistic man lose this power.

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