Monday, December 3

Day 1 of being unemployed

It feels a little funny not getting up for work on a weekday morning.

My body clock was programmed to wake up at 6am. And I had difficulty falling sleep after my Wifey left for work. Well, she told me jokingly that House Husbands should do all the chores blah blah blah.

But I'm meant for bigger things. =(

Like saving the world, with Kenny Sia.

And here I am, wondering what to do for today, and the next few days ahead.

I started off with some computer games, a small reward for my many years of being a corporate worker. But I made sure I didn't waste my entire day on it, so I went to NTUC, mingled with the aunties, and shopped for groceries.

Limpeh is a house husband, ok?

My lunch was spent at the neighbourhood kopitiam, taking my own sweet time reading the latest issue of the First Magazine, and having a little sinful dessert.

I'm starting to understand why Wifey loves being a taitai.

As I have no mahjong khakis who are not working on weekdays, I am left with no choice but to leave for home after that. Did a little Net surfing, a little nap, and then its time to cook dinner liao.

Yes, Limpeh can cook. But hey, anyone can cook. Its only a matter of inedible, grossly edible or yummy edible. Wifey has asked her brother to come home to eat, and my in-laws will be back to taste too.

Ya, WIfey and her family are at the mercy of the Ratatouille wannabe.

Cooked my granny's famous sesame egg. Topped it up with chicken floss and cucumbers for decoration - my first dish. Visually attractive, but simple dish.

My cabbage soup didn't turn out as tasty as I thought, probably due to me not putting any pork ribs inside. I'm still trying hard to cook a vegetable soup without any meat. In the end, I had to salvage the situation with 2 chicken cubes, which lists MSG as the ingredient.

You should know, that MSG (monosodium glutamate) is pure evil. Sodium in excessive amounts, hurt the kidney. And MSG is also a hair-dropping ingredient. I'm sorry to use it, but my cooking career will be at jeopardy if I didn't resort to this.

Then I tried my 3rd dish, something I call "The world's hottest chick". Basically stir fried chicken and mushrooms with plenty of chilli, ginger and pepper. While stir frying the chilli (my cooking teacher says must fry till chilli turn blackish), the chilli vapour was so strong that my Wifey who was at the bedroom, and my in-laws who were napping were all waken up by the choking smell. My poor brother-in-law was in a worst situation - he was showering in the nearby bathroom with nowhere to run!

Sorry people, but "The world's hottest chick" has to be cooked this way. Don't mess around with hot chicks! The gravy turned out very spicy as expected, as I did not remove most of the chilli seeds. But I thought it smelt and tasted good.

Did the wash up after dinner, idled a while, and a day is gone!

What should I do tomorrow?
And what should I cook next?

About the Author: Shingo T is looking for 3 other house-husbands who love to gossip, go shopping, do manicure and play mahjong.

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The Horny Bitch said...

hahah. house husband. I wanna be housewife too!

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