Sunday, December 2

Standard Chartered Marathon 2007

This is my 2nd year running the Stanchart (Half) Marathon. Hopefully I can make it a point to run 21km every year.

This year, there were more colleagues ex-colleagues going for the same run. Sniper, Numbernine and my cheongster disciple, Sky are all doing it for their 1st time. I'm sure it will be addictive enough for them to return next year. ^_^

First, the only preparation I did for the Marathon was to cut my hair short. The only two long runs (> 1km) I did over the previous year was the Sheares Bridge Run, and the preparation for that same event. My right foot sole had minor injuries prior to this run, so I had to be careful not to worsen the injury.

The journey to Suntec City. The half-marathon starts at 6.15am, so I had to wake up early at about 4.30am. I did not purchase the $3 bus ticket that will ferry me from my nearby stadium, so ended up $18 on cab fare, including midnight surcharges.

My Wifey took the same cab back home after dropping me. She prefers to support me mentally. =p Credits to her for waking up so early nonetheless.

As with my previous half-Marathon, its important to feel psychologically light. Which means clearing your bladder and bowels befiore you run. I went to my favourite restroom in the vicinity - the toilet at Marina Mandarin Hotel. This has been a popular place in the previous year's marathon. This year, they had a security guard there to inform us that "The restroom is only for hotel guests." Damn.

The mp3 player is a very good accessory for any long run. My body isn't strong, so my mind had to be.

When the race started at 6.15am, I got the same emotions that I had last year. I felt like dropping tears. I'm not exactly sure why, it must have been the atmosphere. Imagine a whole army of half-marathoners flooding Esplanade Drive. Men and women, all races, all religions, and all ages, with a common aim to finish running 21km.

The coolness of the early morning was a great temperature to run. A stampede of runners running down Shenton Way, devoid of noisy cars.

I took the chance to reflect on what I have done for this year. A little evaluation to see if I have moved a step forward. The fact that I have drastically cut down on games, is already a great leap. I am seeing some passive income, courtesy of Nuffnang and other sources. Spending more time with friends too, something I haven't been doing much in the past few years. Everything is going fairly well, and for that, I'm grateful.

There were plenty of chiobus (hot chicks) to ogle. Which makes me wonder why my unattached friends like Mr HonestFace wasn't at the event. At least NumberNine and Cheongster Sky were smart.

Beside the number tags we were given, we were also given a reason tag to write down the reasons for running. Most of the runners did not bother writing the reason tag (myself included). Would have been so much more fun if we can see the reason behind everyone's participation.

Some of the tags I saw
- "Ice cream at finishing points. Terms and conditions apply."
- A gal with a "For him -->" tag and a guy with a "<-- for her" tag. Problem is that the guy was standing at the left and the gal was standing at the right. Oh dear, there may be a 3rd and 4th party. =p
- XXX and YYY. To be married on 08/08/2008.
- (some essay written in font size=6 that I didn't bother reading)

I have in mind some reason tags for next year. In fact, I have taken the liberty to create reason tags for my friends, and even you!
- "Which way to the National Library?" (for nerds. Numbernine?)
- "My name is XXX. I am single. If you like what you see, pls call me at 9XXXXXXX." (for singles. Mr HonestFace?)
- "If you run behind me, you suck." (for the egoistic man)
- "My mama signed me up." (the Mama's boy)
- "I want to get MC for the next 2 days." (the disgruntled office worker)

Hmm.. so what tag should I get for myself? Maybe this.
"My Wifey says its either this or kneeling on durians."

So what interesting tags can you think of?

About the Author: Shingo T cannot understand why he paid $45 to torture himself.

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The Horny Bitch said...

I just got home after drinking at the time u woke up for marathon... :p

Way to go!!

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