Thursday, December 6

No more turning back.

How often in our lives have we made wrong decisions?

Be it embarrassing myself in public, making a loss in business/investment decisions, giving the wrong recommendations at work etc..., I have my fair share of them.

God is fair. If I am that perfect, God would probably have taken away something else from me.

It is nature to sigh in regret over something you have done.
But it is nurture that you choose to learn the lesson and move on with life ASAP.

Why bother over something that you have not done correctly?
Instead, why not look forward and rectify the problem?

Why is it so important to find someone to blame to make yourself feel better?
It won't solve the problem.

When I'm on the bus for an appointment and find that I'll probably be late,

(1) I make it a point not to complain about the traffic or the reasons that cause me to be late. I just wonder if there is any way I can go out earlier, so as to reduce the chance to be late in future.
I make an estimate of the amount of time I will be late by, to get an estimate of how much earlier I should leave.
Live for the future, not the past.

(2) I make it a point not to look at my watch. Looking at watches will not make the bus move faster. It only serves to make you more anxious. The only reason why I will look at it is if there is something I can do to solve the problem, like deciding whether I should alight and catch a cab.
But in many cases, I will resign myself to be late. So I will sms or drop a call to the person I'm meeting to apologise, and then put my attention on the babes scenery in and out of the bus.
Why look at the pile of sh*t when theres plenty of flowers around?

(3) I make it a point not to put my frustration on anyone. Most people will feel moody after a "bad day". What they don't realise are that they are the culprits behind their own delay. No one can make you late unless you allow them to. The boss who arrives to the office late and need to rush for meetings may end up taking his frustrations out on anyone who offers him the perfect excuse to do so.
Blaming are for losers. Be a winner like Limpeh.

I never regret the wrong stocks I picked.
I just figure out that I should adopt a different strategy (and it works).

I never regret choosing the ex-girlfriend in the first place.
She just helped me to figure out the kind of woman I really want, and that was how I found Wifey.

I never regret picking the less popular courses in University (almost all my JC friends are engineers).
Difference gave me an advantage that commoners do not obtain.

I never regret all the wrong things I ever did.
Because I learn something new everyday.

There is a reason why wrong things happen.
If you don't realise that theres nothing wrong about being wrong, then you can't be anywhere right.

I am a robot that walks in one direction - forward.
For every obstacle I meet, I will overcome.
The more obstacles I meet, the better programmed I will be.
And the better I get, the less obstacles I will meet.
So I will always move forward.

You can't blink your eyes and turn back time.

You will never be Hiro Nakamura.

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The Horny Bitch said...

Bro.. Don't wear watch if u're not going to look at it.. ahha :p

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