Saturday, December 1

The last day at work

The last day of work.
The time to say goodbye.

To be frank, I didn't felt too sad or nostalgic during my last day. Was busy rushing my packing, taking my photos with colleagues and attending some work matters (including a meeting).

After I sent out my farewell email, the replies were immediate. Its quite interesting to see who has replied and what they said.

Most gave generic "Take care and keep in touch" replies.
Many others told me that my cheerful personality will be missed.
And one thanked me for treating the junior officers well and not looking down on them. 0.o|||
For everyone that mailed me, I made it a point to give a personalised reply.

A few of them from the other departments came over to say bye personally, and I was quite thankful. Sometimes, its small things like these that tells me know who missed me the most.

The camera is a must-have for every farewell occassion. After taking photos with my friends, someone suggested that I take photos in Blinky(my ex-boss)'s room since he was not around. Oh well, I guess I could be a departmental manager at least for a few minutes. ^_^

My boss had a little party at his house after office hours. He claims its a farewell for me, but I suspected that it was also a cum housewarming session for his damn big house. Alot of ex-colleagues were invited, and its great to catch up. Too bad most of them had to leave early, so the party ended just after 10pm.

A heartfelt thanks to all my friends for the card, the gift, the lunch and the little party.

Now that I'm unemployed (at least for the next week), its time to do a little thinking. And plenty of sorting.

And more blogging.

About the Author: Shingo T hopes he didn't forget to delete anything juicy on his office PC.

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