Tuesday, January 1

Countdown 2008 at Vivocity

This year, Wifey and myself went down to Vivocity to join in the crowd to celebrate the countdown, after many years of having a quieter and more comfortable celebration with Joe and the clique.

We reached at 8pm to grab the free tickets to the Countdown show at Vivocity. The tickets that entitled free seats were finished, so we had to settle with tickets for the standing area. Which is also good, because the standing area is just before the stage. Miss the comfort and gain proximity to the stars.

As midnight was still a few hours away, we went to catch the korean movie "Breath".

The show is a little artistic. The story goes like this. The husband of the female lead had some marital affairs, so the disillusioned wife went to visit the jail of a male killer, whom has tried to kill himself a couple of times. Weird, isn't it? She decorated the visiting room in jail with wallpapers of each of the 4 seasons, whenever she visits him. Through this, it tells the tale of the woman's life. Endings a little weird, but I quite enjoyed it. Wifey didn't.

Anyway, the show ended half an hour before countdown, so we made our way back to the standing area of the stage, in time to catch the stars for "Live your dream". Well, didn't know who they were anyway.

Haven't been to such live shows for ages. Compared to the other hosts, Gurmit Singh differentiated himself with his charisma and enthusiasm.
Jade Seah was there too, and did a song and dance, which I found a little amateurish.

The highlight for the show appears to be Asian Idol, Hady Mirza. At least the hosts hyped up the crowd by telling us that Hady will be performing here later. The ironic thing was that when the segment came, Hady wasn't here. The segment was pre-recorded, so there was no one on stage! It felt a little funny, seeing Hady appear on VivoCity on screen beside the stage, but not seeing the new guy in action.

When the countdown reached, balloons fell from the top of the seating area. The crowd was euphoric, and everyone was enjoying themselves.

Taufik round up the event with a song. The guy's a natural, and you can see from his minor footwork that this guiy can dance. A singer, a dancer, and a producer (just realised that), he is an asset to Singapore. And he's from the same secondary school as Limpeh. My junior, ok?

There's plenty of interesting things to note during live shows. I always wondered what live shows do for their crowd during commercial time. Gurmit took the initiative to do a kallang wave to keep the crowd high. And before the show come back live after the advertisements, the hosts have to remind the audience to cheer.

A good experience, but going home was damn tiring.

A Happy New Year to everyone out there.
Limpeh wish you good health, wealth and happiness in the coming year.

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