Wednesday, January 2

Hello there, little man

Its easy to differentiate the great guys from the wannabes (who end up being neverbes).

Great guys challenge norms, and even make attempts to change the rules.

Many would have thought its a crazy idea to buy a debt-ridden airline and potentially make you bankrupt, but Tony Fernando did. Else, there would be no AirAsia.

If everyone thought its impossible to even try to build a casino in Muslim countries, then there would be no Genting.

If every East Timor citizen was resigned to be under Indonesia, there would be no Xanana Gusmão to lead the liberation to make it what it is today.

Beethoven was cursed with deaf, but did the impossible. And make him a cut above the other composers in his era.

And Terry Fox, who ran the distance of a Marathon every day till he chalked up about 6,000+ km with his prosthetic leg.

In fact, most of the famous people we know come from humble beginnings. More humbling than yours possibly.

Today is a great time for opportunities. We are definitely in a better position than some of the great men listed above. And yet we are giving lame reasons to justify why we are not doing something we always wanted but could never do because of our fear. We say theres no time, no money, no luck, no chance, no prior training, no opportunity blah blah blah.

That's why we will always be common.
One of the many many.

We are just part of the statistics for the country's population.
And nothing more.

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