Sunday, January 27

Europe Honeymoon 4 - Sit back and relax

If there's anything important that I really learnt from my Europe trip, it is how amazingly relax the Europeans are.

First of all, the Unions in European are strong, as compared to many of the more feeble unions we have here in Asia. You may have heard of the French or some European nations going for strike, demanding for higher pay and shorter working hours, causing a complete standstill to traffic. Try that here in Singapore and see what the Gahmen do to you.

Based on some readups, South Korea has the highest number of work-week. The article quotes "Most people (South Koreans) start their day at 8am and end at around 7pm or later, often having dinner before returning to work."

If you compare the total work-hours of various countries, this is what you will see.

Source: OECD (2004)

Anyway, back to the Honeymoon. I shall put some photos of the Europeans enjoying life over here.

A father and son playing around with a mini sail boat in Luxembourg Palace, Paris, France.

Basking in the sunshine in the gardens of Luxembourg Palace.

Tons of parks in Europe. Versaille, France.

Just plain strolling on the streets of Salzburg, Austria.

Watching talented performers on the streets of Amsterdam, Holland.

Plenty of museums in Paris. And they are not just for tourists.

Mingling through the flea market in Paris.

Snuggling inside the house of a snowing Switzerland.

You can't turn Singapore to a less hectic environment overnight.
But you can slow down your lifestyle IF you want it that way.

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