Sunday, April 6

Be a bunny!

I attended a seminar last Friday, as part of my ongoing self-improvement programme.

The speaker was sharing why he could not clinch his first deal.

He spoke 99% of the time, leaving only his client to talk on one occassion - to decide if he wants to buy the products.

A good salesman has to learn to listen.
Thats why God gave us 2 ears but only 1 mouth.

Be a bunny, be very sharp with listening, and talk less.

The speaker is now one of the top 25 folks in some famous rich list in Asia Pacific.

And listen.


The Horny Bitch said...

I don't talk much and that don't mean I listentoo.. No wonder I'm not rich.. :(

Shingo T said...

You aren't alone. =p

khengsiong said...

He was brainwashing you, so you listen and shut up.

The Horny Bitch said...


Anonymous said...

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