Wednesday, April 9

How Dennis Waitley became a happier man

Dennis Waitley is a famous respected motivational speaker, and one of the contributors to the famed video/book "The Secret". I have attended his seminar once in my life, and was kept awake by his interesting speech.

A friend of mine has gotten the chance to meet this man and chatted with him. During the conversation, Dennis, now probably in his 60s, shared a story with my friend that impacted his mindset for the rest of his life.

Here, I shall share it with you guys.

In his younger days, Dennis was a rash and impulsive American. He has narrowly missed death twice in his life. I shall share the first story here.

In his 20s, Dennis once missed the flight at the airport by just a few minutes. The young man had then tried to bargain his way to the staff to let him board the plane, but to no avail. He was pissed and start quarreling with the airport staff.

He then felt a gentle tapping on his shoulders, and turned around. It was a man dressed like a priest (meaning he is a priest lah). Well the priest told him that he also missed the same flight, and asked him to go for a drink at a nearby pub with him. (Priest can drink?)

Anyway, seeing the priest made Dennis alot calmer. So he left the Airport staff alone and move on to the pub with the stranger.

At the pub, some news on TV caught their eyes while they were drinking. As you smart a** may have guessed, the plane crashed and everyone onboard was dead.

Yes, a close shave.

Ever since, Dennis put the airplane ticket by his bed to remind himself how fragile life is. Having picked his life back, he ain't gonna put it to waste.

People who have seen Dennis will know him as a very calm guy. No longer the rash impatient man he once was.

He moved on to be a great speaker.
And one of Limpeh's favourite.


khengsiong said...

The problem with Chinese is: we don't like to talk about death.

The Horny Bitch said...

If the plane crash, it will make a better story..

numbernine said...

What was that saying again? Sai4 weng1 shi1 ma3, yan1 zhi1 fei1 fu2. You never know whether something is a good or a bad thing until later.

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