Sunday, June 29

How to make French Fries less evil?

Momo and Squirtz were back from Thailand, and gave me and Wifey a shirt.
(They know how much I hate key chains as souvenirs)

So I got a shirt with the following picture.

And my naughty Wifey asked me to wear the shirt to McDonalds.

Its common knowledge that fast food is way too evil.
FAST food are named that way because they make you grow unhealthy FAST, and probably die FASTER too.

Today, we shall take a little look at the French Fries, which fyi, does not really originate from France. Several countries (notably Belgium) has laid claims to be the grandfather of French Fries. Then the Belgians Army spoke French as an official language, and thus the name. At least this is how legend goes.

Why are French Fries evil?
- Too much sodium (and look at how much salt is added to make it "tastier")
- Saturated fats (never mind whatever "healthy" vegetable oil that they use)
- Trans fats (if there's anything more evil than saturated fats, this is it)
- Increases chance of breast cancer (gals who take them weekly had 27% more chance to get them as adults)
- Other types of cancer (after all, it increases free radicals capable of oxidising healthy cells)
- Potato is starch and have high glycermic index - making you harder to lose weight. And a killer for diabetic patients.

So how to make them less evil if you "die die" have to eat French Fries?
Here's a suggestion from Wifey. Ask for Fries with no salt. Especially if you are going to dip it in chilli or curry sauce.

Cut down on the sodium (aka kidney killer), thats the least you can do to make your body suffer less.

Chilli/Curry sauce already is salty, so you won't really need salt on french fries to make it taste better.

Just a less evil suggestion for those who can't live without fries.

If there's anything more sad than DYING YOUNG, its DYING SLOWLY AND PAINFULLY.

Enjoy your french fries, my friends.


XuLiNa said...

Oh shit.. I just had Mc'd breakfast...

khengsiong said...

McD US serve salads. Sadly not available in Malaysia. How about Singapore?

Shingo T said...

Better switch to KFC. =p

Singapore McDonalds did introduce salads during a brief period of time. Not sure if they still serve it, but portion is so small until you feel that french fries are probably more "worth it". =p

numbernine said...

If limpeh can wear the sex instructor T shirt to Ronaldland you can also wear that shirt into McRestaurant.

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