Tuesday, June 24

Moving the river

While many of us are enjoying "endless" supplies of water right from the tap, there are many parts of the world that are arid (dry) and do not have ready water.

In a particular village of India, women walk up to 20 km from their village to get water from the nearest river. Imagine walking close to the distance of a full marathon (20 + 20= 40km) just to get water everytime you need it.

4 hours - thats how long each women in the village spend each day on getting water.
Being lowly educated, these Indian ladies have been doing their "balancing act" for years and years.

One day, one of these ladies suggested that they try to "move the river" over, like how some other countries are doing it. So they got the man to dig trenches, and even build a water tower!

And the ladies now can have instant water at their fingertips, via a central tap.

Isn't its simply amazing?

With the time saved, the women started doing embroidery and other stuffs to start earning money to help support the family.

I don't know what happens after that, but their future are starting to smell good. ^_^

Moral of the Story:
Don't get too sucked into the tedious daily task that you do. Once your mindset is fixed, you will be a clockwork robot for the rest of your miserable life. Instead, invest some time to think about a breakthrough.

Realigned what you are currently doing to your goals in your career and life. The longer you continue to walk to and fro for water, the more time you are actually wasting.

Ali don't always have to move to the river.
He can move the river to him!


khengsiong said...

That's why I don't agree with government's call to get us work harder.

Work smart, not work hard.

The Horny Bitch said...


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