Thursday, July 3

Cry today, laugh tomorrow

Well-known author H.G Wells had this saying that I always recall when I was young, especially when I am down.

The crisis of today is the joke of tomorrow.

Have you ever misplaced something so dear, panicked and basically turned over the whole house searching for it, only to find that it has been placed in a little drawer all along?

Have you ever been worried about screwing up your presentation at an important meeting the next day, only to discover to your delight that it was well-received?

And have you ever lost money in an investment, only to gain much experience which will help you make more informed and wiser decisions at a later stage of another investment?

Or maybe you have cried and was distraght after breaking up with the girlfriend, only to find a more suitable gal who ends up as your Wifey later on in your life?

There are countless stuffs for us to potentially worry about. But if you worry about every little thing, you will never be happy.

Imagine your life as a little jug.
And you have to fill the jug up with small stones (the worries in life) and big stones (the things that really matter).
If you fill the entire jug with small stonesm there will be no capacity to put in big stones. And you will end up living a life less enrished.
Alternatively, you can fill them up with large stones, and have the choice to slot in some small stones into the small pocket of holes after that.

This is not to say that we should totally ignore our worries. You still have to be wary of the possible problems that might come your way, but don't spend too much time solving "imaginary" worries.

A simple application of Law of Attraction implies that
You suck less when you worry less.

Your life can be a smooth journey, you just have to believe.

And when you grow old someday (while maintaining your sanity and memories), you will look back at all the silly things you have done.

And chuckle.

After all, the crisis of today is the joke of tomorrow. ^_^

About the Author: Shingo T writes his examples from experience.


Mockingbird said...

None of us, by worrying, can add a single cubit to our life.

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