Tuesday, July 1

Study so much for what?

Like many of us, I was brought up with the idea that one should study hard, so that he can get a university degree and subsequently earn big bucks.

So I followed just that. Studied hard, do my 10-year series of exam papers (or did I do 20-year series), got good grades, graduated with a first class honours and a decent job that brings me into middle class.

So what?

Robert Kiyosaki, in his top-seller book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, mentioned that those who study alot are more likely to get a stable and good pay job and end up as a worker for the rest of his life. And like many of you, I'm one.

I'm sure many of us has seen plenty of less educated guys succeed with growing business empires. My sifu in particular, started off as a security guard and is now a businessman with vast business network.

Put it bluntly, those guys has less to lose, and thus bigger balls than the well-educated.

Education by itself will never be a sole factor for financial success. You don't need to be good at accounts to open an accounting firm - you just have to hire smart people who wants to "play safe", rather than starting their own business.

I don't recall our Datuk Tony Fernandes knowing how to drive a plane.

Sales techniques, motivational skills, EQ etc...
These are life lessons not taught in school. They are lessons around us waiting to be discovered.

To be frank guys, do you all really like everything that is taught in school?

Despite the amount of time I have spent on studies, I have never really been a big fan of studying, the only thing I do enjoy are the attention that fellow female classmates shower me for helping them out in tutorials. =p

On the very same day I left university, I told myself never to go back in again. No more learning theoretical stuffs that mean little in real-life.

Its time to learn life skills.
And spend more time with the loved ones.


The Horny Bitch said...

I'm never a great fan of studying and I screwed up. Guess what, I'm going back to school again.. GASP!

khengsiong said...

It is true that in Malaysia and Singapore, people with high education level tend to live a stable life and not to take risk.

But this may not be true in the U.S. The founders of HP, i.e. Hewlett and Packard were graduates of Stanford. Larry Page and Sergey Brin were postgrad students in the same university when they founded Google. And it is said that graduates from prestigious schools are more likely to get venture capitalist fund.

Back to Malaysia and Singapore. The government of Singapore often criticizes Western 'welfare states'. But I think if they want us to take risk, they must provide safety net.

khengsiong said...

Oh yes one more thing...
Singapore has one of lowest entrepreneurial level in the world. This seems to suggest that the government's 'no welfare' policy has failed.

Shingo T said...

Haha, its funny how life makes you go around in circles, isn't it?

Interesting observation about the difference between Singapore and US regarding entrepeneurship.

Personally do not agree that safety nets have to be set by government to encourage entrepeneurship. If business winds up, the government should not be blamed for it, and the people can always go find a job (or try starting up another business). ^_^

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