Tuesday, August 26

Selective Egoism

Its has been a while since I mentioned about Mr Ego, the arrogant little spirit that resides in me.

Yes, it is still there, and will continue to be a part of me.
As my Mum has taught me, "Only people who have abilities can show off" (though you can choose not to). This statement may sound a little elitist, but I know she just wants to spur me to continue upgrading myself to be better and better.

An angmoh colleague came to my company last week, and I had a few brief conversations with him for a few days. Before he left, he told my boss that he will remember me for my happy nature and enthusiasm.

Call me cocky, but I have received tons of complements about my positive outlook about life. Sh*t happens now and then, but nothing's gonna keep me sad for too long.

Its easy to be happy about oneself. How I do it is through egoism to induce personal satisfaction. Egoism makes me happy because I know I am damn good (even though people around me may not agree). It doesn't neccessary mean I am successful, it only means I am comfortable with my body, my mindset, my progress, my life.

Yes, I am a narcissist.
I love being me.
I have a great smile that can brighten the world, never mind my yellow teeth.
I have a sexy belly that reeks of awesomeness.
My receding hairline enhances my machoism.
Girls want me, but sorry, the most eligible man in the world (that's Limpeh) is married to the most fortunate lady in the world.

How does someone be egoistically happy when he cannot afford a landed property, and doesn't have the astronomical pay of some of his peers?

I do it with selective egoism. I am highly competitive by nature, but I make it a point to choose my benchmark targets selectively.

Take pay for instance. I can either benchmark against the impossibly high pay of some of my friends, or choose to be proud of the fact that my salary is higher than the median salary in Singapore. I choose the latter. After all, isn't it a blessing to have your pay higher than at least 50% of your peers? Even if my pay was lower than the median, I will be at least happy that I am not sleeping on some cardboard on the streets of Singapore.

Some graduates pride themselves for their great academic results, ECA records (especially hostelites) and scholarships. I am nowhere near these achievements, but I pride myself to have achieve a first class honours while aggressively teaching tuition to support myself. How many undergraduates actually start supporting themselves and stop getting money from their parents at the age of 18, while getting decent grades from school?

My wife ain't anywhere near Jade Seah in terms of looks. But hello there, how many people's wife actually look anywhere near Jade Seah? I am already very proud of the fact to be able to find a lady who I can be so brutally honest with and so comfortable to hold. She is capable, meticulous when it comes to planning, helps me with various researches to free up my time and complements the skills I lack in (and vice versa). Having her by my side is machiam like having 2 extra arms. My wife is hot enough for me, by my standards. So how not to be proud of her?

Also, I have a big above average tummy people like to make fun of. But hey, I'm decently healthy, and make it a point to exercise now and then. And I have the balls to complete two half-marathons despite my lack of exercise. Compared to people who already have joint problems or high blood pressure at my age, I am considered blessed. And for that, I am proud of myself.

Life is filled with endless options.
Blindly comparing yourself with the best in the industry and sulking over your "failure" does nothing to boost your standings.
You do not have to be the best, because there is always another mountain higher than any mountain.
Instead, tell yourself that
there will always be many many mountains lower than any mountain.

No matter how "bad" your situation is, you are definitely more fortunate than those who are malnourished people in 3rd world countries, begging and scavaging for food that are dumped by others.

To those who are not happy,
Do selective comparison with those less fortunate than you.
Develop an the ego to boost your confidence.
Lift your head high when you walk.
Get some dignity before you strive for happiness.

To those who are happy
Being happy doesn't mean you can't be alot more happier.
Being contented doesn't mean you should stagnate.
You can achieve more happiness by trying to make yourself better.
And when you get better, let Mr Ego pat you on the back.
Motivate yourself to be a better man that you already are!

Egoism is a double edge sword.
Use it correctly and it will move you further, higher and happier!

Now, tell yourself
You are the BEST, just like Limpeh!


numbernine said...

That is true. And how many people can say the f word like Jade Seah?

Shingo T said...

Haha, I have yet to watch that Youtube video clip. =p

2SA1 said...

You forgot to mention how lucky you are to get to know a true-blooded ACS guy during your JC days.

How many people are that lucky?

Shingo T said...

Mark mark! You still alive?
Haha, the good old JC days.

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