Tuesday, September 2

Nature versus Nurture

I grew up with the value of "If you are not tired, then don't sleep."
This is my mum's way of asking me to get up early on weekends and not waste time.

My Mum have always stressed the importance of leading a fulfilling life. She spent little time watching drama serials, and is more interested about travel, culture, news and documentaries. My Chinese name was chosen by my mum, hoping that I will grow up knowing almost everything.

Well, I grew up learning alot of things (though not neccessary the good things), keeping myself relevant with society though news and readings. I grew up enjoying reading stuffs on politics, and the nitty gritty that is happening around the world.

But fate has it that I caught a few episodes of the World Wrestling Federation (now known as WWE after it kenna sued by World Wildlife Fund) on TV. I was mesmerised by the ability of the human body to do gravity-defying moves. The drama, the flair, and also the female mamagers. Imagine my mother's reaction when she caught me watching such a "brutal" show on TV. I am never one who gives up, so I continued watching week after week on TV until the nagging stopped, and she accepted my newfound interest.

I like to multi-task (even if I have poor coordination and low concentration), making "full use" of every opportunity I have. I like observing people, how they react at various situations, and analysing if they should have done it differently.

And I like observing food too. Yummy!

I like learning new stuffs, but sometimes we do things a little differently, for the sake of convenience. For instance, I always keep short photocopied A4 size articles in my pocket at all times, so that I can whip them out for a little enrichment when I am alone. Yes, that includes the lonely bus rides and when doing the big business at the loo.

A person's character is attributed to both nature and nurture. For me, my values and mindsets are strongly entrenched by my parent's teachings. I will always remember what they say. It doesn't always mean they are right, but it acts as a point of reference, something to benchmark your actions against.

Many people learn about fillal piety through watching parents showing concern to their grandparents. I learn it the same way too, watching my mother getting concerned with my grandmother's health.

No matter how much a parent behaves (my mum embarrasses me sometimes), they will always be the reason for your physical existence. Like Wifey, Parents are God-sent. Though having a Wifey who loves to shop is probably karma. =p

Parents provide the first school to children - because ignorant kids mimic them as if the parents are right.

I was brought up being told that pets are dirty. And I still feel so, with no offense to all the animal-lovers out there.

Alas, nature sometimes make people go against what nurture has to offer in some areas. Some of those wise words from the parents do end up on deaf ears. After all, I should never be a shadow or puppet of anyone. Limpeh have my own mindset, my own interpretation of right and wrong (eg. L is good, Light Yagami is evil)

Nurture acts as the foundation to my roots.
Nature brings out the real me.
And together, they are a force to reckon with.


The Horny Bitch said...

The drama, the flair, and also the female mamagers.

Is the word supposed to be managers ah??

Anw, same la. I only have 1 hr of TV a day when I'm young. My mum say watch too TV much will become stupid..

As for pets. When I was 4 she said she can't give birth to one. When I was 8 she said I have sensitive nose. Will cause "hei ku".


Shingo T said...

Ya, managers. They stand outside the wrestling ring and distract the referee when their man is down (ie. play cheat).

Our mums have different ways of protecting us. ^_^

khengsiong said...

Some time ago, there was a debate in my MBA class. We asked: Are entrepreneurs born or made? There were arguments for both sides.

I recall an article about people with psychic power in China. There are two categories of them: the first group were born with such traits; the second group acquire it through practicing of qigong. Still, the first group exhibits stronger psychic power.

If you believe in rebirth, perhaps the concept of karma can explain it. We were born with certain traits because we trained for it in our past lives.

Shingo T said...

Interesting. I'm not one who believes in karma. Rather, I like to think that God is fair. You win some, you lose some.

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