Wednesday, September 10

Best "Out of Office Assistant" award

Below is a very interesting "Out of Office Assistant" message that I received from a travel agency.

A good idea for getting people to cover for you when you are on leave. =p


I'm away on 10Sep and will be back on 11Sep. I'm not be able to access to my email .Kindly email to the lovely ladies below for assistant or if you prefer to hear their sweet voices you may call them at 65 XXXXXXXX.

Have a wonderful day.

Below are the lovely ladies' email addresses.


About the Author: Shingo T is married and is thus not eligible for the above promotion.


The Horny Bitch said...

Away for 1 day only.. Put for what?

Shingo T said...

Customer Service. Never leave the customer without any avenue to question. ^_^

khengsiong said...

Some would prefer to talk to 'charming guys' instead of lovely ladies, I guess...

Shingo T said...

haha, ya. =p
But guess they should be at least able to capture about 50% of the callers. =p

Gromit said...

The proud Malaysian in Singapore

if you think proud, no need go Sg lah....just kidding man..

i have another BEST OUT OF OFFICE ASSITANT...wait huh

Shingo T said...

haha, share with me what better ideas you have for BEST OUT OF OFFICE ASSISTANT. =p

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