Tuesday, September 9

No soup in bins please

A modest kind-hearted lady from my department emailed this to my 3 other colleagues.

Hi AA, BB and CC
Just now I saw the cleaner lady, opening up all our thrown away food, and pouring the soup away. She said coz the rubbish are too heavy for her to carry, and also the soup mess up the bin.

I think we can do something to help her. How about, after our meal we pour away the soup before throwing it into the bin. I think that’s what we’ll do at home also, coz we don’t want the soup to dirty our dust bin. And why do I tell the 3 of you? That’s coz I believe the 3 of you have the power to influence the rest of the people who lunches in.

Thank you for helping the old lady.

One of the 3 recipients forwarded this to the rest of us, adding her own call to us to empty the soup-based takeaways.

Sometimes, its small touches like this that reminds me that the office doesn't always bring out the evil in people.

People are kind by nature, work just make most of us less sensitive.

So here's a call for everyone to do this simple act, especially if its some old uncle/auntie cleaning the by-products of your yummy lunch.



The Horny Bitch said...

Agree. Shingo is so kind.. Hehe No wonder u are married!!

Shingo T said...

Haha, actually its the other way. I married Wifey because she's kind.

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