Wednesday, September 3

Hide and seek

Miss Snow is a very quiet colleague of mine.
A hard worker, and often overwhelmed with work.

Over lunch today, we were discussing about home utensils, together with Miss Totoro. Flasks, microwave ovens, blenders etc... When people start having houses, there appears to be more mundane stuffs to talk about, but you get to learn alot from each other.

Subconsciously, the conversation drifted to me asking Miss Snow about her young kids, who are of a very young age. She spoke fondly of how much fun she had playing hide and seek with them after work. Miss Totoro asked "Wouldn't you all be hiding in the same few places?", to which she answered "My kid very dumb one, always cannot find me in the same place."

To which we laugh. She was joking when the word "dumb" was used, and it is appraent how much fun she is having. Hide and seek is a weekly game, and she spends other days with her children on drawing, playing lego etc...

Kids below the age of 6, according to her, are fun. And she spends time after work to play with them and put them to sleep at 10pm, before continuing to rush her work and slip in a little TV time for herself.

She is one hell of a working mother. Her kids always ask her why she "likes" to work so late. But she has her slice of fun and role of being a participative mama after a long day at work. She is one who sees the joy of having kids, and as friends, I am happy to see her life enriched. ^_^

The importance of bond building cannot be taken for granted, says Miss Snow. One of the worse thing that a parent can get is when the kid ask for the grandparent or the maid, instead of the mum.

And that, she says, will make her jealous.
But from the looks of it, this is not gonna happen to her! ^_^


The Horny Bitch said...

kids age 1 to 2 are the best. They wobble and they don't talk much.. =)

Shingo T said...

Haha, but they sh*t alot.

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