Tuesday, December 16

You can sing, but can you dance?

Song and dance normally go together. Almost every culture has their fair share of folk songs and dances. Since the caveman days, songs and dances are something to look forward after a long day of working on the fields, or hunting for animals.

From a personal point of view, the greatest asset produced by constant singing and dancing is self-confidence. And that is a very important trait that promises to bring you better prospects in work, life and marriage.

But if I have to choose one over the other, I’ll take dancing over singing any day.
And for the record, I can’t sing well. Not because I can’t, but because I never tried working on it.

So here are my top 10 (biased) reasons why I like dance over singing.

(1) Dances has more variations than singing styles. Hip hop, salsa, breakdancing, tango, flamingo, cha cha, lindy hop, jazz dance, ballet, cabaret, popping and locking, tap dancing, African, swing etc… Well for singing, I got bored after watching American Idol after a few seasons.

(2) A bad dancer is hilarious to the eyes (think William Hung), but a bad singer is taxing to the ear.

(3) You can close your eyes if he dance bad, but you can’t turn your ears off to noise.

(4) Dancing burns the calories, and is thus healthier than singing. Moving body muscles > Moving lips. Just look around at the curvy/muscular figure of typical dancers, and then look again at singers (think high pitched opera singers). Its keeps the heart pumping and improve blood circulation without putting too much stress on the body.

(5) Dancing also makes you smarter, because it increases your mental capacity by exercising your cognitive processes. When you go for dance classes to take up new routines, it generates new neural pathways in your brains, and will thus stimulate the connectivity of your brain. Haha, in fact, studies have shown it will prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Now you know why Limpeh is so smart!

(6) Dancing improves the coordination of your body. Raise the left leg and the right hand. Now drop them, raise the right leg and left hand. And now drop them, cross your hands and raise the left leg. Haha.

(7) I like comparing dancing to martial arts. Besides building up your body, it also reinforces discipline.

(8) There are more singers than dancers around. Don’t be one of the many.

(9) Its easier to flirt with a dance than a song (though love songs are more likely to generate tears).

(10) Hillary Clinton Chooses Dancing Over Singing.. Do you like Hillary? I do.

About the Author: Shingo T wonders why there are backup dancers to singers, but no backup singers to dancers.


numbernine said...

Number 1 reason why I like singing over dancing:

Because limpeh spent 10 years learning music and no dance background.

Shingo T said...

That's a natural human behaviour - the resistance to change. ^_^

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