Friday, January 30

The truth about pretty ladies on the street

During my uni days, I was active in a group of arcade gamers. During one of the dinners we had, one of the gamers who was single (his nick was Teru) gave this quote which I very much agree.

"I fall in love easily, but once I get attached, I will remain very faithful to her."

How true. I have my fair share of crushes, and though most of the crushes last for many many years, it seem that at any point of time, there will always be a gal I will be infatuated with.

After I broke off with my first girlfriend, I broke away from "depression" in less than a month and fell in love with the next lady, someone I now called Wifey.

Getting attached shortly after your ex-girlfriend does not mean that I was never serious about the relationship. I was, but only when we were a couple. The moment she suggested a breakoff, and that I tried all my means to win her back but failed, I knew I had to move on.

To start looking for someone else to love. And I'm glad I did.

Even though I'm happily married, it does not mean that the pretty young things on the street no longer capture my eyes. After all, working in the CBD (central business district) area means there's plenty of well-dressed pretty office ladies around. And hey, I would rate the office lady attire higher than any of those nurse, schoolgirl fetishes that most man may have.

Quoting from Jim Ross, the famous WWE announcer, "Just because you have ordered doesn't mean you can't look at the menu." And Jim is a grandfather, happily married to both his wife and his announcing job.

There is nothing wrong looking at flowers, so long as you don't touch or pluck them. But there is one thing that all man should bear in mind.

Pretty ladies on the street will NEVER grow old.

What do I mean by this?

Today, when you go on the streets, you should be able to see some pretty ladies.
The same will happen in 10 years, 20 years, 50 years time.

The pretty lady that you see today will be an old auntie in 20 years time.
But in 20 years time, you will see another pretty lady.
Because pretty girls on the street are people you do not know, there is generally no differentiation between the pretty strager you saw today, and the one you will see in 20 years time.

As such, they "never" grow old!

But you grow old.
Your parents grow old.
And your wife grow old.

A married man should have the mentality of getting a computer. Generation after generation of computers will only get better, and more value for money. But does that mean we wait forever trying to get the "best" computer?

No. We get a computer as early as we find a "good enough" one.

Pretty girls on the street will change, but your wife is the only one that will remember and understand you the way you are.

Stay attached and love your other half, and you will reap accumulative happiness and gains.


Cherish Tulips said...

That was such a nice post on ladies.Well,to make it fair..there are also a lot of nice looking young men around which we ladies look at but like you said, never "pluck or touch"....

khengsiong said...

This is 7th day of Chinese New Year. Happy birthday!

Shingo T said...

Cherish Tulips:
And gals look at gals too, from what I hear. Seldom do we guys look at the same species.

Hey thanks! Happy birthday to ya too. More model shots on your blog. =p

Doreen said...

I absolutely agree with you. What are the eyes for? To indulge in beautiful things i.e. scenery, buildings, people etc. Looking is not a crime, it is a pleasure and definitely should not be constrained by marriage. Even I myself look at those pretty young things! LOL.

Josephine said...

me too!
I look at young pretty ladies too.
So envy of them... They have nice skin, nice accessories, and nice designer bags!

Shingo T said...

Yup. Sight is the most important among the 6 human senses for me.

So thats what you gals pay attention to when looking at other gals. If a guy I do not know keep looking at me however, I will feel pretty uncomfortable. Yucks. =p

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