Sunday, March 8


Alice is the cleaner who works in my company. We are always the first few to reach the company each day, and I slowly get to know her better as a friend.

She's probably close to her 50s, deduced from the fact that her elder daughter is studing local university, and the fact that she looks happily young.

Its true. A person with a positive mindset ages slower than the rest, everything else equal.

Alice and I chit chat on random topics, though I often liked to know more about her. It has always been my interest to make people's business my business. Call me kaypoh.

She used to be stubborn and rebellious during her youth, but all that changed after the death of her father. She started seeing the bright side of life and took complete charge of her life.

She is now actively engaging in activities in a local old folk's home. Interacting with these old innocent folks (some have lower IQ) make her realise that the world isn't as vicious and uncaring. She loves to talk to these old folks, and as a team, they bring them for outings, much to the enjoyment of the old folks.

It is often said that how you treat your elders is how your kids will treat you when you grow old. How true. Alice's kids are still studying, but are following their mum's footsteps in event organising for the old folk's home which they have adopted. Juggling between studies, and charity work, Alice's daughter has no time for television (and boyfriend too).

Alice also sleeps at 9pm+, as she has to get up at 5am. A habit she has developed for a long time, even on weekends. And she says there's plenty of stuffs to do in the wee early morning. Jogging in particular is something she likes.

There's plenty of stories from Alice's personal experience. But all in all, I'm amazed at how meaningful her life is.

She ain't no ordinary cleaner that you see at work.
She is a happy person with a great personality, who happens to be a cleaner.


khengsiong said...

I go to bed at 11pm and wake up at 6am, considered early by city standard. I also have no time for TV.

But I am not happy enough :(

The Horny Bitch said...

Wooooh... Ok I shall wake up early and jog...

Shingo T said...

I have no time for TV too. That's because I wasted these time on playing computer games. =(

Not happy enough? Maybe what you are missing is a girlfriend (even though that gives people more problems too)!

Haha. Morning jogs are fun! I always envy people who can do that.

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