Friday, March 6

A bottle of water.

There was once a small community in the middle of the desert.
The only thing that kept the people alive was an oasis.

The people were happy, until one day when the oasis slowly became smaller - it was going to get dried up.

And within two months, it dried up.

And so the people in the desert were left in absolute thirst. It was only a matter of time that they will all die, so long as there is no rain.

A bottle of water suddenly fell miraculously from the sky. And the thirsty folks went into an all-out brawl for the right to survive. After the battle royal, the sole survivor stood up with the bottle of water, while the losers sulk over their plight.

And the winner opened the bottle cap, poured all the water over his own head, to the amusement of the rest. He then took a comb out of his pocket and started combing his hair.

And now he looks better than ever!

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