Thursday, March 5

The problem with being that damn good.

I have a VERY positive mindset.
I am seldom unsettled by unhappy events.
Everything's appears to be going my way.
And these days, I can't help but wonder what the hell got into me?

Why the hell am I so happy?
I'm not even on steroids.

It is not that I have no problems.
Everyone is beseiged by their fair share of problems - some are small, and some are HUMONGOUS.
Rather, its that I do not consider any issue problematic enough to warrant developing my wrinkles. And when you have that kind of attitude, "problems" just disappear somehow.

And because things are always going my way these days, every day is a GREAT day, regardless of work or life after that.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE waking up fresh and very early every day.
I no longer press the snooze button (unless I sleep late) because I want to get up so badly to enjoy the wonderful day, whether be it a lovely day at work, or a idling weekend.

And you hear it right - I embrace work!
It does not make me a workaholic (hey, I leave at the dot on most days).
Because I am having fun while working.
As I always say, work should never be a chore.
Call me crazy. Maybe I am.

At work, I get respect from the peers, recognition from the people I work with, freedom to exercise my creativity, and a pay I can live with.

At home, I have minimal to worry about. My Wifey have been an excellent companion, and I really really love the feeling of loving her. She makes me understand why I am working so hard for. When a marriage is done right, you get the blessed feeling that being single does not give you, and you start wondering "Why will anyone want to remain single when they can choose to get married?"

Joy brings happiness.
And happiness induces confidence.
Confidence in turn, create an attitute.

And the problem with this attitute is that I have to constantly remind myself to keep this attitute in check lest my confidence be mistaken for arrogance.

Have you ever had the feeling that you are doing good in some area, but have to humble yourself down even though you know you are that DAMN good?

Why can't you dance in the rain when you feel like dancing?
Why can't you be yourself when the whole world expects you to be someone else?
Why can't you colour the sky green if you feel that's the colour it should be?
What if right turned out to be wrong?
What if you are living in a dream, and your dream is the actual reality?
What if the man in the mirror was actually staring back at you, thinking about the same thing thats in your mind?

Yes, there are areas which I admit that I am ignorant.
And these are the areas I will humbly listen to the more knowledgable, or go read up to improve myself.

But there are also areas that I'm that damn good at.
And I want to share with the whole damn world, without making anyone feel uncomfortable.
I'm aware there will always be a higher mountain, so I am definitely not the best at what I am good at. But it should not hold me back from helping others out with what I know.

Moreover, having achieved so much in life (it doesn't have to be in monetary value), why can't I just bask in my achievements?

So how does one prevent confidence from being interpreted as arrogance, without having to act humble, when all it does is to make you a hypocritical liar deep down your conscience?

How do I make a MYSELF out of ME?
And how can I make you accept MYSELF?


Josephine said...

hmmm, u r different, at least u enjoy what u r doing

numbernine said...

Research has shown that everybody has a "default" level of happiness. After any extraordinarily happy or unhappy event in their life, they will eventually return to that "default" level. The level that you have, that you were born with, is based on luck. And surprisingly little on external circumstances.

Therefore there is no point wondering why people are happy most of the time, or unhappy most of the time.

Shingo T said...

Thanks. When your job involves helping nice people out, it does make it more enjoyable.

That's deep, bro.

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