Saturday, April 25

Introducing... Guy in Paperbag

I have ALWAYS failed my art during my schooldays. Have always been envying people who can draw.

As part of my life's crossroads, I thought I'll just go thick-skin and attempt to draw. The quality of my drawing may be primary school standard, so please laugh quietly.

This is also a tribute to the great Stickgal, who has since quitted drawing stick figures.

It should be noted that imitation is the greatest form of complement. I even have to goggle for pictures of cliffs and stick figures to get this drawing done. That's how bad my art is.

All feedback are welcomed, both good and bad.
And ya, next time I will draw using a darker pencil.


Kikey Loo said...

Shingo, well done, is very good, i like the meaning, just as u said have to used darker pencil

Josephine said...

I cant draw at all... :(

Shingo T said...

Thanks for the encouraging remarks. Will add more periodically.

Everyone can draw. Just that some people are so thick-skin that they won't mind posting ugly drawings. And that person is me. =p

Nat said...

Thats correct, everyone can draw and there is more than one person who is shameless to post :)

On a separate note I think the ideas matter more than the drawing quality at the end of the day and you have lots of ideas... Keep drawing.

The Horny Bitch said...

It looks like cervix. =p

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