Wednesday, July 15

Bald is only cool when...

I once told Wifey that the day I start losing my crowning glory is the day I shall shave bald to retain some basic self-esteem.

After all, there's plenty of additional advantages to being bald, like not having to comb the hair, not waiting for the hair to dry, and saving on the (overpriced) shampoos and hair conditioners.

Moreover, being bald is sexy!

Bruce Willis fans can attest to this.

Sean Connery's was once voted the sexiest man alive, and hey, the guy is bald now.

But then I remembered something.
Being bald is sexy ONLY if you do not have a big belly.

bald + big belly = UGLY.

So which is it easier?
Keeping the hair, or work on trimming the belly?


Josephine said...

sexy meh?
I tot the more hairy the more sexy...

spy@fic said...

if i am bald , i'd just say i am supporting hair for hope.

The Horny Bitch said...

the latter

numbernine said...

Here's a secret.

Marathon training = no more belly.

foongpc said...

Being bald = rich and wealthy!

Having pot belly = good candidate for heart attacks! : )

Shingo T said...

I guess hair is just like 10% of our physical appearance.

Good one. Or they might mistake you for a real patient. Well at least you might be offered seats on the train.

Ya. Now I need some motivation to exercise regularly.

oohhh... I'm growing rich and wealthy in few years down the road. Haha.

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