Monday, July 13

OSIM and Mondays

If T.G.I.F stands for Thanks Goodness It's Friday...
then O.S.I.M must stand for Oh Sh*t It's Monday.

And it so happens that OSIM is also the name of a leading Singaporean brand that innovates and distributes lifestyle products, stuffs like massaging chairs and foot massagers.

So I was thinking, why doesn't this company take advantage of the tongue-in-cheek slogan for its products?

Jeanette Aw, the spokesperson for O-Sim ISqueeze Warm.

Maybe a simple advertisement with Jeanette getting up from bed, exclaiming "Oh Shit, It's Monday", and then grumpily getting ready for work.

And then 12 hours later, she would be hugging her ISqueeze and saying "Luckily there's also OSIM."

Ok, maybe this is a little lame.
But hey, loosen up. It's Monday! ^_^


Plankton McPlank said...

Every monday morning, there’s a 90% chance that when I woke up, it’s already 8.40am & I’ve overslept.

This is known as the Monday Paradox. -serious look

The Horny Bitch said...

Sounds good to me.

wrathofnino said...

lol, never heard that one before, OSIM lol!

khengsiong said...

OSIM should hire you as a marketing consultant, LOL...

Shingo T said...

Plankton McPlank:
Try telling yourself that every weekday is a Friday.

haha, thanks.

OSIM is probably an unheard brand in the States, but it is pretty well-known in the region where I'm in.

That's my secret agenda actually.

numbernine said...

I wouldn't mind getting i-squeezed by Jeanette Aw when she's warm.

Shingo T said...

Leave your real name and contact number here. You might get a call from Jeanette for all you know.

Yeah rite. =p

MKL said...

Isn't Janette Aw the little Nyonya actress? I had to watch that drama with my host family :P

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