Sunday, July 12

Reading what was written

After publishing my own entry, I like to re-read what I type, to check for typo and any need to restructure my post.

And then after amendements, I read it all over again.
And change. And read.
And change. And read.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm trying to check my posts, or if I'm in love with myself.



foongpc said...

Only YOU can answer that question! LOL!

spy@fic said...

u are in denial - of course u are in love with yourself.

The Horny Bitch said...

I'm also vain. Hee..

Shingo T said...

foongpc & spy@fic:
Ok, ok. I love myself. But hey, I gotta love myself before I have the strength to love others, right? =p

Hello there Miss Vain!

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