Wednesday, August 19

Growing old

The opening scenes of Disney's Pixar animated cartoon Up was pretty touching. It started with 2 kids meeting each other through a common interest. They grew up together, had plenty of fun, and eventually married as young adults.

They continued to have more fun throughout their married life, grew white hair together and moved on to being a elderly couple. Then came the harshness in real-life, where someone had to die of old age first. In this case, it was the lady who had to go first. And that left behind the guy, all alone after so many years of companionship. Memories of his wife returned to him at the sight of almost everything at home. He grew grumpy and lost touch with the world. =(

No worries, I did not gave much of a spoiler for the show. That was only the starting minutes. But I thought the show was worth every dollar, though friends tend to disagree with the shows I highly recommend.

It also set me thinking a little. If Wifey and myself were to hang on to the wooden plank while being stranded on the ocean after a shipwreck (think Jack and Rose, from Titanic), and there was no room on the plank for both of us, I would have let go and let her live. She's a wonderful gal and I know there will be a nice guy somewhere out there who will make her happy and take care of her (seriously, my silly Wifey can't take care of herself sometimes).

But if we were to grow old together, it might probably be better for her to go first due to old age. Being the practical guy that I am, I would have been better at handling the pain of a long-time companion than her. Upon her absence, I might get grumpy, or maybe I will be depressed, but I won't be suicidal or take my grief out of people who care.

Maybe I'm thinking a little too far. But then again, maybe the inevitable is not too far off.

Well, it was pretty late by the time we got home after the movie, and we got to bed early.

And I hugged her real tight.


Josephine said...

so envy of your wifey...
Me is the other way round, my hubby cant take care of himself...

Ai Shiang said...

Thanks for visiting again, Shingo-T.

"Up" and "The Hangover" are on my to-watch list. I haven't done yet.

I always read that there is always a person in a marriage that will take care of the other half more. In my case which is your opposite. I take care of my husband more instead. At least he knows that :o)

By the way, I didn't notice at first. You're a Malaysian? I'm from the East M. which part of Msia are you from? I worked in Singapore too, but just for 1 year.

numbernine said...

Just watched "Up". It was great. I will be writing about it shortly. "Hangover" is also a very good movie even though it is a gross out movie, and gross out movies have a bad name.

Grass said...

This is a thought provoking post, I agree with you on both cases where your decision shows that your love is real and unselfish....

Roxy. said...


Shingo T said...

Your hubby is lovable in other ways.

Ai Shiang:
I want to watch "The Hangover" too, heard it's quite a funny show.
I am born in Johor, but have been in Singapore for a very long time.

Gross movie? Haha, that's an added incentive for me to watch it. =p

I have my selfish moments too. My Wifey can verify that.

:) (Here's one for you)

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