Tuesday, September 15

Beware the Office Printer & Photocopier

Most of us work in an office where the printer and photocopier is a shared resource. And because of that, one has to be nimble when you click the "Print" button on your laptop/desktop.

Because if you are printing something not meant for the roving eyes of your colleagues, you gotta be nimble. You have to intercept your printout before anyone does.

Failing to be prompt in collecting your personal printouts can lead not just to loss of confidentiality, but also to embarrassment.

Some of the "personal" stuffs that I have came across:
(1) Salary slips. Somehow I wasn't the only one who noticed. Soon, everyone in the department knew how much the person was getting.

(2) Bank account and investment statement. Equally dangerous.

(3) Course Notes from part-time schooling. Or hobby-related notes.

(4) Work-related complaint emails.

(5) Black-and-white pictures of scantily clad babes. Ok, I'm kidding for this one.

To my colleagues who are reading this, the next time you see me sprinting 100 metres to the office printer, do not even think of intercepting me.

Cos I will bite!

About the Author: Shingo T's teeth is rumoured to pierce through aluminium pots with ease.


khengsiong said...

Salary slips I don't print in the office lah.

As for course notes, last time my lecturer e-mail to me less than a day before the class. No time to print at home, so had to do so in the office. But I used my own paper...

Shingo T said...

You have integrity. I don't care even if I used the office paper. =X

HappySurfer said...

You mean there are people in your office purposefully intercepting collection of printouts? Oh boy..

MKL said...

It's weird that salaries are such ataboo in an office. Is it so hard to find out your work mate's slaray? Do they differ so much? I wonder :)

Ai Shiang said...

You still get paper pay slip? I don't recall having them printed in black and white for quite a while now. They are all in electronic. A paper one comes once a year for tax purposes.

If you're printing personal stuff, shouldn't you be standing right at the photocopier?

Anonymous said...

In our office space we do most things electronically, so we rarely need to print anything. That being the case, you wouldn't believe the accusatory looks you get when you DO print, because it is almost ASSUMED you are using it for something other than work-related.

But we do it anyways: let the people look, I need my scantily clad babe pics!

wenn said...

hah..that's cute..u can bite..

Kikey Loo said...

luckily i am not your colleagues, u have sharp teeth :)

Anonymous said...

Salary slips, bank account and investment details. Oh wow these are really highly confidential stuff that should be kept away from office copier.

Shingo T said...

My cubicle is some distance from the office printer, so there's a chance that colleagues might just intercept my printouts when they collect theirs.

Salaries are normally a gauge of a person's capabilities and how much much he/she is valued. It is common to see 2 people doing the same work, but one person gets more than the others. Salary confidentiality is meant to prefer unproductive comparison that may turn out demoralising, or cause more problems to the Human Resource Department that decides the salary.

Ai Shiang:
Yes, we are still getting paper formats. For photocopiers, there are people who take their photostated copy, but forget to take their original. =p

Your company is so environmental friendly. Or is it a culture in US? Over here, it's amazing how we have soft copies but still retain hard copies for SOX compliance.

Wenn & Kikey:
I spend an hour sharpening my teeth every night. =p

Mei Teng:
Most of us spend more time awake in the office than at home on weekdays. So that's why we save time by doing so.

Anonymous said...

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