Thursday, September 17

Taming a shrew

According to Wikipedia, a shrew is a woman with violent, scolding, selfish or nagging temperament.

Lately, there was a series of photos circulating in Stomp, about a woman in Singapore who hits her man with her high heel shoes in the groin (ouch!)

Note: As I have emphasize time and time again, woman should NEVER make their man lose face in public. If Woman are made of Water, than Man must be made of Ego.

Shrews are generally at the bottom of my dating list, no matter how chio (pretty) she is.

So what happens if a man is madly in love with a shrew?

Well, I know of a gal who used to lose her cool every other day at home with her family members, even though she is a nice person in front of her friends. She loses temper if the cooked food wasn't to her tasting, or if her mum nag at her. She would quarrel with her ex-bf now and then, and they broke up. Eventually, she married a nice guy who looked mediocre, but was matured and understanding. Under the power of love, she changed to become the best ever person to her hubby and everyone. Now they are married, and she's happy everyday. ^_^

Then there's another girl who also had a nasty temper. She had a great figure during her younger days, and was known to change boyfriends a lot. When fire and fire collide between she and her young boyfriends, she got alot of unhappiness. But eventually, she settled for a man who’s about 5-10 years older than her. The guy wasn’t even as good-looking as any of her boyfriend, and nowhere rich. But now they are married with 2 kids. And she has grown fat after pregnancy, but I know she's so much happier now and no longer lose her temper. ^_^

The power of love is amazing. It can even turn shrews to virtuous wives. The guys in these 2 examples were both older man with a good degree of maturity and a good temper (that should not be taken for granted). They don’t return the shrew's violence with violence of their own. They have the patience and maturity to deal with the gal’s nonsense. And slowly, the shrews subconsciously changed to mirror their milder half. Now whenever I see these 2 couples, I particularly feel very happy for them.

The power of love can turn the hardest rock to gold.


wenn said...

u are right..being kind and even-temperered is better than being a shrew..

kenwooi said...

i watched that too..
ganas.. lol..

MKL said...

Losing face is something we don't have in the West, I mean not in the same way like you. Some Asians would commit suicide, for us it's maybe a small embarassing moment, but the shame doesn't 'stick' long.

Cherish Tulips said...

just curious..what happened to the girl?was she arrested for causing harm to the bf?

~dolly~ said...

I watch that too..
i heard from dont know where, that guy is a CEO in a quite decent company..
hmm.. ya.. so true.. men are made from ego..

Shingo T said...

I think being even-tempered is a part of growing up. Well, I was a bad tempered kid once. =p

I feel so sad for the guy. But hey, the girl looks gorgeous. =p

Just sleep over the embarrassment and the next day will be a wonderful one. That's great!

Cherish Tulip:
Think there was no criminal charges involved, as this is considered "mild".

CEO? The guy's car plate was not hidden in some of the pictures, so his friends will probably know it by now.

~dolly~ said...

CEO or managing directing or some senior manager.
is a high position guy...
good $$ future..

I read from news, that guy did not turn up to work for the next few days..
dont know valid or not la..
Zzz... internet too many false rumors already.. =.="

Shingo T said...

The Internet is like water - it can give you life, or it can sink you.

Wenny said...

Don't say you men, I don't like this kind of women too. They really give us women a bad name!

The Hungry Bitch said...

That is why I accepted a marriage proposal from someone 13 yrs my senior...

Older man rocks! hahaha

Shingo T said...

But at least such women are in the minority. There are a fair share of man who embarrass the woman in public too, and that's a no-no.

Haha, I'm sure he can tame ya. =p

HappySurfer said...

Watching the video, I actually felt pity for the guy. But then again, he could have done something terribly wrong to the lady to not fight back. On the other hand, that smacking should have been done in private.. Now, see lah, the guy probably has to wear a paperbag to work now.....or not! Life goes on, eh?

Shingo T said...

My friends and I also thought that the guy probably did something very bad, maybe had an affair or something. =p

numbernine said...

This is Singapore and everybody is relatively innocent. Therefore nobody has so far raised the possibility that they are engaging in sadomasochistic sex.

Shingo T said...

Thanks for the free chuckle. =p

twins mama said...

watched dat video too.. da pretty woman is terrible! dat guy might done something terribly wrong but please la.. punish him in private. now become joke for public.. duh!

anyway, thanks for dropping by my blog! have a nice day^^

Shingo T said...

twins mama:
Agreed with ya. Have a nice day too.

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