Monday, October 5

Random Notes 37

(1) Hello there, friends! I am blogging here my service apartment in Tokyo. I wanted to stay away from the laptop, but Wifey told me that someone commented in my previous post to ask me to post something. So HappySurfer, I'm still alive. ^_^

(2) The pictures from my camera are downloaded into the laptop. However the pictures are 4MB+ high resolution pictures, and thus I shall not post any pics till I get back to Singapore and have more time.

(3) The Japanese are TRULY polite people, especially their service counters. Even if they know you do not speak Japanese, they will still talk on and on in their language to explain stuffs and thank you, as part of their service. I was told that their nearby neighbours, the Koreans on the other hand, are not known to have courtesy running in their blood. Is it true?

(4) Japanese ladies are BEAUTIFUL. It truly brings meaning to the phrase "There are 2 types of woman - the pretty ones, and the lazy ones". The Japanese ladies sure are a hardworking lot, making themself presentable before they go out. Almost all young Japanese ladies wear fake eyelashes - HB once wrote in her blog that all man love fake stuff - I'm one of those superficial guys. *blush* And gosh, most of those Japanese gals have real BIG eyes, like in comic books.

(5) It turns out that the more important words I should know are chicken, pork and cow. I had problem trying to figure out the Japanese description of the meat on the bento sets (I don't eat beef, luckily the chinese and japanese word for "cow" is the same).

(6) I went to DisneySea today. And will be going to DisneyLand tomorrow. Did I tell you that the normal T-shirt with Mickey mouse cost S$50+? Ouch.

Ok, cya guys. Drink more water, and stay healthy.


MKL said...

Wow, you're having a great time :)

As for Koreans, I will ask my best Korean buddy Hwan about how polite are the people at the service counters. My impression of Koreans, those who I met, was that they're very polite.

I agree, Japanese women are beautiful and they're the most skilled when it comes to make-up and fashion styles. I hope to go to Tokyo next year and see it for myself :)

wenn said...

wow..interesting..hv a nice day..

khengsiong said...

I came across many Japanese girls when I traveled in SE Asia. Yeah, many of them are beautiful.

Roxy. said...

Wow, great fun at japan. Cant wait for the photos.
Yes Disneyland can be expensive. Went to the Disneyland at Paris. EXORBITANT !

Btw living at a service apt is cheaper then hotel?

Cherish Tulips said...

do try the ramen.There's a popular one in Tokyo but can't remember the location..normally ppl will be lining up to enter the shop! Delicious and big serving too!

Mei Teng said...

Most Japanese girls looked very trendy with made up looks and stylish clothes.

To a certain extent, I find it artificial looking. Just my two cents.

The Happy Bitch said...

Have fun with wifey and show us pics when u get back! DOn't blog while on holiday!!! Don't waste time!

~dolly~ said...

have fun there..
take lots of pic and blog! XD

foongpc said...

I quite like your random notes series! Can I start one in my blog? You won't sue me for copyright, right? : )


1. Can't get away from blogging? You know are a blogging addict when you can't stay away from blogging even while on holiday!

2. That's a pity! Have to wait til you're back in Singapore. I don't have much patience, you know. Juz kidding : )

3. This is the third time I hear people praising Japanese for their excellent service! Gosh, if only Malaysians are like the Japanese!

4. You like fake stuffs? Hmmm, I prefer the real thing!

5. Thanks for this piece of info. I must know the Japanese characters for chicken, pork and cow before I go Japan. Haha!

6. OMG! That's RM100+ for a Mickey Mouse Tshirt! Luckily, I don't like Mickey Mouse and I don't fancy Disneyland! : )

Ai Shiang said...

Aiyor, you're on holiday, don't count what you spend lah :o) Just enjoy.

Shingo T said...

The Koreans that I have seen in Singapore, are very nice people, very unassuming people. I might just go Seoul in my next long trip and then draw my own conclusions.

hey, have a nice day too!

The Malaysian modelling gals in your blog are just as pretty.

The service apartment has a contract with the company I'm working for. Thus it's only abput S$170+ per night, on par with most of the cheaper hotels I found.
I was at Disneyland Europe some years back, found that both Europe and Japan has some similar rides.

Cherish Tulips:
I found some great tasting ramen. Not sure if that's the specific one you were talking about, but it has a queue too.

Mei Teng:
Respect your opinion that too much dolling up may make them look a little artificial.

Thanks for advice, HB. I guessed I'm a little addicted to blogging. Haha.

Had fun. Will blog. ^_^

The Japanese are really world class when it comes to service.

Ai Shiang:
Haha, but now that I'm back, I'm already counting the damage done. $_$ Ouch.

HappySurfer said...

Shingo, thanks for staying in touch. Trust you and your wifey enjoyed your holiday. Looking forward to the update.

Shingo T said...

I will have to find a longer period of free time to share my Japan updates. I'll try to see if I have time this weekend.

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