Saturday, October 10

Random Notes 38

(1) One more day before I get back to Singapore. I'll miss the culture here, but when it comes to food, I kind of missed the variety of food back in Singapore.

(2) To foongpc: Go ahead and have Random Notes in your blog, this feature is not copyrighted. I thought it's just neat to have this to write down the many thoughts that goes in our mind, but not significant in terms of content to constitute a meaningful full post.

(3) I carried a little paper and pen when I was travelling here, to list the numerous culture differences and observations that I made about the Japanese people here, lest I forget. I will share with you guys when I get back. Hope it will serve as a good guide for my friends here who have either not been to Japan, or to those who are going to Japan soon (that's you, MKL).

(4) Japan is even more expensive than Europe when it comes to spendings. This might be my first and last trip here, but this is money well-spent.

(5) I have read your comments for the past few posts, but thought I will reply after I get back to Singapore. Same goes for my regular blog reads, will look forwrad to reading them when I get back.

(6) Lastly, I missed the storm that was supposed to hit Japan. =( I wanted to experience strong winds for once.

(7) Live everyday like there's no tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning #3. That's something I always miss out on doing when I travel and by the time I return from my trip, I have forgotten what I have seen and heard on my trip.

foongpc said...

1. So fast going back already? My, how time flies!

2. Oh, thanks! I might just post my own random notes! : )

3. Yeah, I always carry a pen and notebook to write down during my travels. Otherwise, will forget when I return from the holidays! Thanks for sharing - I may need your guide if I go Japan one day!

4. It sure is expensive!

5. No problem there!

6. You should be thankful for missing the storm!!!

7. Yeah, we should live like that! : )

Roxy. said...

No problem. Awaiting your posts and pictures of Japan. Yes, Japan is EXPENSIVE.

♥ PrInCeSs ♥ said...

Faster come back and blog!!!

Ai Shiang said...

Note 1, do you mean there aren't many variety of food in Japan?

Note 3, love to read about the culture differences. I am having a very different view of those Japanese.

Shingo T said...

Mei Teng:
I'm just as forgetful too.

Just a benchmark for you. For the 12 day trip in Japan, Wifey and I spent S$1000 on airfare, S$2000 on lodgings, S$3000 on daily expenditure (though you should be able to survive on half of that if you eat from pre-packaged food in convenience stalls).

Bleeding financially, but I am starting to think about where to go in December. Haha.

Yes madam!

Ai Shiang:
Compared to the vast variety of food we see in Malaysia and Singapore, Japan has a limited choice. It's mostly revolves around the bento rice set, the sushi or the ramen.

Anonymous said...

Going Japan soon too! Do share your tips and experience when back!

Shingo T said...

Hello there, whoever you are. Hope you have read the Japan observations that I made. Pictures will come soon.

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