Thursday, November 12

Random Notes 39

(1) I will be going on a short trip down to Genting and KL over the next 3 days. I love going casinos, but only for playing jackpots. And I play very small, only 10 Malaysia cents at the push of every button.
The reason why I play so little? I love to win, but I REALLY hate to lose. Moreover, I'm not a gambler, I'm just a player.

(2) Daughter-in-law from hell (DILFH) brought her whole family and clan to intimate look for her hubby. She is asking for a S$600,000 (US$420,000) condo and a monthly S$5,000 allowance as divorce settlement fees. And it's not yet clear if she will "sell" him their daughter to sweeten the deal. The DILFH is ready to bite!! Stay clear!

(3) Work has been really busy for me. My backup is leaving the department, so the work I gave her was passed back to me. And I gotta do some backup for my other colleague who's pregnant. I'm not complaining about the massive workload, because it's only temporary. Rather, my only concern is that spending too much time working for others will bring me further from my entrepenuership dreams.

(4) It's good to have dreams, but never confuse that with daydreaming.

(5) I have went back to hiphop lessons. It's still what makes me happy. ^_^

(6)Company's annual D&D is coming next week. And this year's theme requires us to be dressed in occupational clothings. Will I see my pretty colleagues in those yummy nurse's costumes? And what should I wear? I'm thinking about being a plumber. What do you think you will dress as in such a party? Give me some ideas.

(7) I have changed the template of the blog. Blue's my favourite colour. And I don't wanna copy HappySurfer's template. Haha. =p

(8) If you can see the moon from where you are standing, how far can the moon be? Never too far. So reach for the moon!


MKL said...

Oh no, Shingo. You play slot machines? Haha.. I've been in Genting this February and I can proudly say I started with 50rm and won 300rm. Yay! It covered my hotel fee, so it was great. You should try to play banker/player, start with 25rm and slowly go up. That's how I did. At one point I was already at 400rm, then fell to 300 and stopped. But I played long and was all sweaty :P Hope you snap some pics of your trip, I'd love to see them.

Hey, you wanna go as a plumber? No way, go as a doctor, if there's so many nurses :P

I like blue, too ^^ Have you seen my blog?? :P Welcome to the blue bloggers community :)

the girl in stiletto said...

not a doctor!!!!! lolness. go as a male stripper :D

ah well :)

i saw the moon this morning when i was walking to work. it was beautiful and it was at freaking 715 in the morning. winter! :S

~dolly~ said...

haha.. i just back from Genting, and lost RM 50
=_________=", my ALL MODAL! RM 50!
I hate to lose, lucily my brother won RM 200, then gimme back RM 50.. hehehehe..

and ya! U changed your layout!!

khengsiong said...

Very soon Singapore will have 2 casinos.

I also play jackpot only in casino. And I always pre-determine a maximum amount I will play, say RM50 or US$10 in Las Vegas. When I lose that amount of money I will stop.

Which means I expect to lose. Those expect to win will end up bankrupt.

Ai Shiang said...

#6 - Nurse costumes? Maybe you should turn up with white coat and a stethoscope :o)

#7 - I noticed you changed from green to grey and now to blue.

#4 - I agree. Sometime people think I am being sarcastic when I say "it's good to dream". Perhaps they don't understand.

Superman said...

Nice and clean layout!
I think you should dress as a patient as if got nurse, they need to take care of you. LOL!

The Envoy said...

I can see a plumber surrounded by nurses in my mind now....

Cherish Tulips said...

enjoy your casino trip but SG will have one you don't need to come up to Genting!

foongpc said...

1. I don't like to gamble cos I lose every time and that's no fun at all! The last time I went to Genting, I can't stand those people smoking in the casino!

2. Oh! A sequel on the villain DILFH coming up?

3. What is your entrepreneurship dreams, may I ask?

4. That's right! But sometimes daydreaming leads to the real thing! Since we know thoughts attract things.

5. Hiphop? You mean dancing? Wow!

6. Dress as a chef? a doctor? a policeman? a soldier? an underwear model? a politician? an astronaut? a magician? a clown? a gravedigger? a pastor? a porn star? a ghostbuster? a zoologist? a butcher? a crime scene investigator? a rapper?

7. Nice new template. Looks cool : )

8. I rather reach for the stars! : )

HappySurfer said...

Hey, green is nice, mah. Great for the eyes. I think.

I thought you just came back from a holiday. Need one again? hehe... Blame it on the workload?

Uh-oh, it's raining here now in KL. Hope the weather is better up there. And good luck on the jackpot! Btw, are you driving up?

You're back to hip-hop classes?! Cool! Must show us video of you doing it next time. :p

A plumber's get-up is good - easy to get from your own closet. No need to beg, borrow or steal.

Mei Teng said...

Company's D&D? Dress like that famous contractor with yellow boots! ;)

wenn said...

dream the possible n it will come true..

Stefanie said...

Same here, I hug BLUE so much! Love the new template. :)

KL? So you're just somewhere around here. Hiii! :D

Shingo T said...

haha, wanna start a blue blog community?
Wow, you actually been to Genting too. Most of the time, I lose in Genting. I was told that casinos have Chinese fengshui to deter people from winning. So Chinese fengshui don't work on angmohs?

the girl in stiletto:
The moon must have been really lovely over at your side. I love the moon, it has this very soothing effect on me.

Does your brother need a god-brother?

You look a little to practical to be seen playing at casinos. Guess everyone needs a little fun at Genting. ^_^

Ai Shiang:
Yup, I tried the grey layout. But I changed to this after Wifey stepped in.

So patient is the BEST job in the world? Haha, I thought it's better to be a Superman, saving damsels in distress.

The Envoy:
Haha, I can vision the same thing too!

Cherish Tulips:
Genting is still better, it's cooler!

I dislike the smoke in casino. Often have to change seats so I don't up breathing in too much smoke from neighbouring smokers.

As for my entrepenuership idea, lets just say that I excel at making people's work easier.

I so love your suggestions on the occupations, I'll shamelessly copy and paste into my next post.

this holiday is to curb the little gambler within me.

I was mainly indoors, so wasn't affected much by the rain.

Mei Teng:
haha, Phua Chu Kang the best contractor in Singapore and JB, and some say Batam!

It's good to have some "impossible yet achievable" dreams. Only then can we unleash our potential.

I saw a babe wink at me when I was walking along the streets in KL. That wasn't you, right? Hi!

HappySurfer said...

Yes, the casino here is very much 'protected' by feng shui. Expect the ones in Sgp to be the same. But that doesn't mean there'd be no winners.

Shingo T said...

I have seen the odds in Genting. Almost every table games has the odds stacking against us, so maybe it's not just fengshui. It's probability.

I wanna open a casino also, but it will be underground. Haha.

Roxy. said...

Dreams must be met with realism and that is like an oxymoron. I guess you have some dreams that you are going to share soon. Your own business? (:

So you are going to D&D dressed as MARIO? I just realized something ! OMG! I just realized that your DP is actually the picture of the guy in the yoshi island. That's like one of my favourite games. OK, i am so guessing that Mario is your favourite game. Sorry, quite hyped up over mario cuz i play a lot of mario and lugi especially those new ones that are RPG types.

Shingo T said...

The name of that icon is ShyGuy, and yes, he's a baddie in Super Mario.

Haha, you are the first to notice! ^_^

Always wanted my own business, but I'm all talk and no action so far.

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