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Top 10 cruel things that women do to men

I read the following article about the top 10 cruel things that woman do to men, courtesy of Fox News, and could relate to some of them.

I have pasted the article here. Let me know what you think.

Edit: It should be noted that I have nothing against the female species (in fact, I love them), and is well aware that man has their own list of cruel things that they do (think Tiger Woods).


Call it self-protection or playing the cards right, women have done some nasty things to men to maintain the upper hand and stay in the dating game.

Fox News has compiled a list of top 10 cruel things that women do to men and how they toy with their emotions or ego.

10. Women don't pick up the phone
Men feel good about themselves when they manage to attain a girls’ phone number. However, women don't give it to men that easy afterall. According to Fox News, they often give men a fake number or don't pick up their calls.

9. Use men for free drinks
Fox News also suggested that there are women who go out never planning to spend any of their own money on drinks at the bar or club. Instead, they deploy their feminine ruses to convince guys to shell out for their night's libations.

While some of them might begin to get to know him, Fox News states that the cruel and heartless ones will take that drink, flirt a little and move on.

8. Use men as placeholders
Some women keep men close by for company's sake. The American news network reported that if the women is a decent person, she will just get it over with and dump the guy, but if she's cruel, she'll hold on to him until somebody new comes along.

According to the same source, women like that don't like to be alone and without a relationship, so instead of putting men out of their misery and ending the relationship or fling, she will string him along until she finds a replacement.

7. Emotionally manipulate men
Men don't like to see women cry and some cruel women take advantage of the fact to get what they want. A few threatening tears could easily make men do anything for the woman to get it to stop.

6. Use physical violence
Fox News also reported that while men who hit women are often deemed nasty, there are also some cruel women who feel it is perfectly acceptable to hit their boyfriends, as he would never hit her back. This type of woman feels like she can inflict any kind physical pain on him without fear of repercussion.

5. Ridicule men in public
Cruel women criticize and humiliate their men in public places. They often poke fun at her man or even soundly discredit him in front of others.

4. Women don't disclose their relationship status
While it is not the worst thing a woman could do to a man, but it is annoying that she leads men to think that she is available so that she can enjoy the man's flirtation and flattery when she is already attached.

3. Women withhold sex
According to Fox News, this is a time-tested, and frequently used, cruel thing for women to do to men. For most men, sex is as important as breathing, so withholding it in order to get something she wants or simply to punish him for his wrongdoings is an awful thing to do, albeit effective.

2. Women put men to the test
Imagine this scenario. It's a boys night out, but your girlfriend calls and asks you to ditch them to be with her instead.

She does not have any particular reason for her request; she claims she just wants to see you. She knows very well that you have already made plans with the guys, but if you really loved her, you'd go over to her place instead.

Fox News reported that if her request comes with the "if you really loved me" trump card, then it is a test. If you choose anything other than immediately rushing to her side, you fail. This kind of testing in a relationship is indeed emotionally cruel and petty.

1. Women flirt to inspire jealousy
Maybe she's feeling under-appreciated, maybe you've just had a big fight or maybe she just enjoys the tortured look on your face.

For whatever reason, girls who flirt with other guys in front of their boyfriends are immature and manipulative, said Fox News.


wrathofnino said...

ROFL!! Tread lightly Shingo! LOL! XD

Toothfairy said...

OK! you might not believe this, but I'm not guilty to any of this. NONE! that is. I do manipulate a bit, BUT not with tears, I do not fake cry, wth! my manipulating consists of words, and talking, but I don't fake anything. and I don't use men for free drinks ever. In fact, I never accept any drinks from strangers, only real friends, and they buy drinks for the whole group, including boys and girls. I alwas take money with me, and most of the time I don't use that much of it, because yes, I do get the drinks, but not the way it was stated in the post.

I can do the whole list here, but you get the point, not all women are the same.


MKL said...

Oh, that one with free drinks is a classic. And ridiculing public? I believe you had such incident in Singapore recently :P I think it's funny, unless it happens to me :P

On a sidenote:

@Shirley, I'm not really surprised, you're a great catch :)

Ai Shiang said...

How about mem do cruel things to women? Like cheating?

The list doesn't sound like me. But I don't pick up the phone, only when i'm angry. And I seldom do :o)

Josephine said...

women got so bad meh?
I think if u don do bad things to them, they wont treat u badly loh...

SJ said...

totaly agree with the number 1..haha..but that ain't me..

A smile from SJ =)

Mei Teng said... also do these things to women isn't?

♥ PrInCeSs ♥ said...

*guilty face*

Hahahaha .. but well, man does cruel things to us women tooo!!!!

Wenny said...

I guess this compilation must have been done up by a guy. It is one-sided. Not all women are DEVILS as described above but not all men are ANGELS to begin with.

I definitely must protest that I'm certainly not close to the above description. Can I bet with my bottom dollar that you are one of the exceptional ANGELS?

TeeHedgeBee said...

So not true about the sex part. haha. but men do that too!!!

cleondann said...

i agreed with some of themm... nt all of them

the girl in stiletto said...

i feel like im such a boring person already because i am none of the above.

i flirt. a lot. i think. but not to inspire jealousy. my friends said that im such a flirtatious person.

but i never feel that way. hmm.

wenn said...

what about cruel men?

mrdes said...

Hmm...I think no. 4 is pretty common, and I am often a victim (i.e the man who the attached woman flirts with)...okay, I was also pretty willing too.:P

On a more serious note, I see more married young people not wearing their wedding rings...more convenient to flirt?

Mabel Low said...

This proves that both men and women are as bad, thus are equal. Playgirls and playboys should really just go together and leave the innocent ones to be at peace=.=

Shingo T said...

I don't always understand woman, but I find them irresistable too.

Point noted and agreed. I guess Fox News kind of stereotyped the ladies, or maybe this is more specific to the gals in United States.

With all the vicious drugs circulating around clubs these days, it's good to drink only trusted drinks.

The one with free drinks is often seen in TV. But seriously, women these days are independent enough to buy their own drinks.

Ai Shiang:
When it come sto cheating, my gut feel is that men do it more.

It's interesting how some society view men who cheat as normal, and woman who cheat as infidelty.

Both man and woman has a chance of turning nasty.

I see that on TV, but jealousy can bring out the worst in man sometimes.

Mei Teng:
Yup. Wonder if Fox News has compiled a smiliar top 10 cruel things done by the male species.

I won't defend my fellow male species, because we can be cruel too. *blush*

No no, I'm no angel. I have tons of flaws, but I have a Wifey who accepts me for being imperfect.

And ya, I kind of bet that this list was compiled by a guy. Maybe a guy who has lost hope in the female species, having suffered these games?

Haha, I shall refrain about commenting anything pertaining to sex.

hey, thanks for dropping by. ^_^

the girl in stiletto:
If you can flirt naturally, and without any intended effort, then you must have tons of suitors waiting.

Cruel men exist. And you can find tons of them in the articles in everyday's newspapers.

You are not alone in #4. But then again, sometimes we can't blame woman for not revealing their relationship status when we don't explicitly ask. But if they lie about their status, then it's a different thing - that's clearly misleading.

Mabel Low:
Maybe unlike poles attract? I once had a male friend who's "bad", but he married a "good" girl, someone who is more "wife material".

ladyviral said...

I will say... there are woman who are like this...


But I have not done any of this before :P.

Shingo T said...

You are a good woman!

The Bimbo said...

:) I just had to do a post after reading this. :)

Thanks for the inspiration. haha

From the non-woman bimbo, Bobo

foongpc said...

I am sure there are women who are like that cos there are all types of people in this world! But everyone is free to do what they want right, just be aware of the consequences (read karma) : )

Nina said...

I've not done any of these ... what sort of women is that article referring to, I wonder?


Stefanie said...

Ok, I'll TRY them out. :D

Shingo T said...

The Bimbo:
Honoured to be a source of your inspiration.

ooohhh... karma. Have been hearing this word alot recently in conversations.

Good for ya.

Gosh, I'm a bad influence. =(

HappySurfer said...

Now, we need the list of cruel things that men do. LOL!

Shingo T said...

*looks around with puppy eyes*

Where got?

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Ahem ahem. hehehehehe. I might be guilty of one of the things mentioned here. Hopefully 2010 I won't do it anymore. hehehehe. =)

Shingo T said...

haha. ^_^

Anonymous said...

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teo said...

I did learn from my mistake too, My previous ex did 7 out of 10 follow according to this cruel, that's almost cause me depression. NOW i realize the truth is they're still IMMATURE!

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