Wednesday, June 2

Cherry on Top Award and Stylish Blogger Award

Despite being pretty inactive on the blogosphere these days, I have shamelessly continued to accept awards.

And here's a Cherry on Top Award and the Stylish Blogger Award from Lily Chen from Lily murmurs in English.

Thanks Lily. And you should really change your blog name, because I don't think you are murmuring. I know, because we met. ^_^

The Stylish Blogger Award requires me to write 5 random facts about myself and award the tag to 5 others (which I won't tag).

Have done it on a few occassions, and I'm hoping not to repeat the same few facts about myself.

(1) I love myself. And I think that's important, because you can't really take care of others until you have taken care of yourself.

(2) I seldom lose my temper, but there are 2 events when I am more likely to get impatient - when I'm sleepy, and when I'm hungry.

(3) I am very close to my grandma. Being in control of my emotions most of the time, I sometimes wonder if I will sink into depression when the inevitable comes. She's coming to 90 years old soon.

(4) I believe alot that most talent are learned and not inborn. Everyone has a great potential to achieve greatness - me and you included.

(5) Being aware of my own abilities, I frequently find myself feeling arrogant and have to curb my ego and act humble. It's not that I'm better than the rest, it's just that when you have as much confidence as me, even crossing the road successfully without getting knocked down makes me a CHAMPION.

As for the Cherry On Top Award, I'm supposed to thank the person who gave me the reward, then list three things I love about myself and post a picture I love. Then tag 5 people.

Won't tag, but I will do the rest.

Starting with the 3 things I love about myself.

(A) Confidence. It is what makes me so awesome. It makes my colleagues think that I know what I'm doing. And it also gives me an aura so irresistable that I gotta tell those ladies to take their hands off me. hey, I'm married and I love my Wifey.

(B) Objective. Everyone is inncocent unless proven guilty, and not vice vversa. I always try to justify people's action for them, even if it's something I don't agree. Putting yourself in other's people shoes help to make you bond closer to them. It also makes work easier for both myself and the people around me.

(C) Different. I do alot of "What ifs" and "Why not". I'm a change agent, and it makes me dynamic. It is not about how I do things, what matters is that I get the end result. Unorthodox within the limits of the law is good, not bad.

K, will end the post here before I sound more and more egoistic. Thanks again, Lily (Chen)!

Edit: Oops, I'm supposed to also a picture that I like. I was thinking about adding some scantily clad yummy yum yum babe, but maybe I should just add a pic that will bring you a smile.


Anonymous said...

I like fact #4. Although..some talent cannot be learned when one does not have the passion to nurture and grow that talent.

MKL said...

Now that I know you a bit better than before we met, many of the things you share here are totally you. You're a really interesting guy, Shingo and it's a lot of fun to talk with you. We may not always have same views, because we're from different worlds, but that's why I like my foreign friends, to make me understand the other side. I may not do it same way as Far Easterners, I guess you are what you're born, but like you said, don't judge others, try to understand their actions first, put yourself in other people's shoes. That's for me the part I can relate to the most :)

Ps: Lily didn't murmur with you, but she always murmurs with me :P

iamthewitch said...

Aren't you such a confidence and egoistic species of the male specimen? :P I am really interested to meet you one day to find out how arrogant you can become :P

Bananazą®‡ said...

About #2 heard of a hungry man is an angry man but never a sleepy man is a hungry man who is also an angry man..haha. Share the same feeling may kick someone when sleepy what they described as "munk chang".

(3) Its about time to try learning to accept..

(4) Very true..

(5) Then the roads in S'pore needs re-engineering..haha great confidence with job satisfaction.

Rgds to your ABC whoa love you *COD* stuff Bananaz would do the same "WhyAskWhy*?

Last but not least you have got a nice purr-fect smiling pix so cute & lovely *chuckle* ~;) tQ.

LilyChen said...

I am so happy you accepted my tag, thanks!! And I think you're really worth the awards!

In my impression, you're really a confident and aggressive man, no wonder you can get other's respect on your job. I should follow your and Nino's way, try to be more confident, because I really lack self-confidence. And Nino told me many times, I still have a long distance to overcome this part. People with confidence and initiative are very popular, and they will easily become the center of a group, even become the leaders.

I think anyone who feels hungry can't be patient, even me, hehe. Actually, I would like to murmur on my English blog, but all of Nino's friends and my followers are too good, so I can't just murmur. :-D

Anonymous said...

Fact no 4: "I am very close to my grandma."

Since she's approaching her 90s, spend more time communicating with ner ( take more videos of her).That way, when she passes on, there will be no regrets on your side. At least you have done your part.

joven said...

hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

HappySurfer said...

I love myself - I shocked those around me many years ago in Singapore when I answered the same when asked the question. I shared the same rationale you did. The relative who asked the question was in total agreement. I could see he was also taken aback by my answer.

Interesting info you shared there, Shingo. Most of which I can identify with. Thanks.

Congrats on the awards..

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