Thursday, November 25

The loser lose it.

Hi Friends, let’s play a little game.
I will challenge you to a game that I call
The loser lose it.

The rules are simple.

You lose if
(1) you lose your temper before I do OR
(2) you complain about anything before I do.

I lose if
(1) I lose my temper before you do OR
(2) I complain about anything before you do.

And we both win if
(1) you and I do not lose within the next 48 hours.

The time now on my watch is 11am Thursday Singapore time (GMT +8 hours).

No cheating please – drop a comment here if any of you (or myself included) have lost your temper or complained about ANYTHING these 48 hours.

I dare you to stay cool! =p

About the Author: Shingo T thinks every company and every couple should play this game. If the boss loses, he will be financially penalised. If the wife/hubby loses, he/she will have to do housework or something.


Twilight said...

I will win.Wait! Wait! I will be right back.

Shingo T said...

Just bring it. Hehe.

blee said...

well, my girl always makes me angry. I can't stay cool.

de.lizzy.cious said...

hmmm define "losing temper"... cuz ya know, you may stay quite even though you're extremely mad at something - for me, that's losing temper, just that you dont voice it out.

Shingo T said...

Getting angry is a choice. ^_^

good question. In this case, let's define "losing temper" as feeling angry on the inside, even if we don't show it. =p

Bananazஇ said...

Time is ticking so far so good..

Shingo T said...

Hehe's times up. ^_^

We win! Enjoy your weekends guys!

lina said...

I will lose in seconds. I have a short fuse. XD

Twilight said...

Yay! Yay! I won!... I hardly complain and scold anyone these days! What is my prize?

Shingo T said...

how about some hugs and kisses from me? =p

Anonymous said...

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