Thursday, November 18

The Versatile Blogger Award

I am honoured to be tagged by Ricademus for the The Versatile Blogger Award.

Thanks, Ric! ^_^
I will however no longer be posting awards up on my sidebars, but I will always acknowledge them in a post. Means alot to me.

Here's 7 random things about myself, which comes with accepting the award. Not sure which ones I might have written before, I can't recall what I have blogged. =p

(1) I'm allergic to beer. Will go down with fever the next few days. Was lucky no one tried to sabo me with beer during my wedding night.

(2) I love soft toys. That explains why I love buying them for Wifey, so I can hug them too. =p

(3) Despite my practical nature, I have a soft spot for old people. Every old lady out there reminds me of my beloved Grandma. And I hope to visit my Grandma back in Malaysia for as long as I can.

(4) I'm too egoistic to cry. But that doesn't mean I don't. I can still recall that night many years ago when I cried badly and nearly broke down. Yes, I'm human after all.

(5) I am very picky when it comes to food. Consumes all kinds of vegetables, but always very selective when it comes to meat. Thus I become a "liability" when I go out for dinners with friends when it comes to sharing food.

(6) The number of bouquet of flowers I have sent in my life can be counted with one hand. Also given a choice, I rather give fake flowers than real ones - fake flowers represent a boring but ever-lasting relationship while real flowers symbolises an exciting but quick ending relationship. I know, I'm the least romantic guy on Planet Earth.

(7) I think turtlenecks and skirts are one of fashion's best combination. Yummy!

I won't be tagging anyone for the awards. There are plenty of versatile bloggers out there, but I will always miss someone out there when I tag, so I will rather pass.

Have a great day, my friends! ^_^


wenn said...

haha, that's very smart of u to buy soft toys..

the girl in stiletto said...

LOL. cant believe you're soft toy kind of guy aahahhahah. like, cant believe in a good way.

RicAdeMus said...

I may join you, tagging is difficult because I really do want to tag everyone. We're the opposites on #6, I've sent flowers too many times. It got to be expected, so now I'm taking a break.

What is in the beer that you're allergic too? I hope it's not the yeast. I only have one or two beers a year.

Kym said...

my fiancee is also allergic to beer (well, alcohol in general) - he breaks out into hives and gets a migraine!!! he's usually assigned as the designated driver when we all go out. hahaha!

i agree with you on the flower thing - i think i'd rather get fake flowers too... they last longer! and that doesn't mean you're not romantic... it just means you're practical and you see things long term :)

iamthewitch said...

Wow the first time I heard of a guy liking soft toys!! Hehe.. I don't really like soft toys myself as I find them collecting dust easily, and both hubby and I have sensitive noses. *a-ti-choo!*

Anonymous said...

envy your allergy to beer. Anytime fed up with work, can just down one beer amd take MC tmr !

As for softtoys, i have a softspot for Spongebob sqpants. What's yours ?

Mabel Low said...

Talking about flowers, i'm one girl that tells her boyfriend not to buy her any - be it fake or real. *shrugs... i don't find it to be very practical cause one, real ones as you said dies off fast and two, fake ones... they collect dust. :S

I'd rather HE make ME the flower. :P :P HEHE

Anonymous said...

Allergic to beer is quite a rare one. You're allergic to other types of alcoholic drinks too? Maybe the fever isn't an allergic reaction but a serious hangover...hehe.

dblchin (double chin) said...

Congrats on that title! U r indeed a SNGA- Sensitive new age guy, with love for soft toys.

Shingo T said...

haha, I don't presume its the yeast that I'm allergic to, at least I'm not allergic to bread (unless they are different kinds of yeast).

Your friends must be glad at least there's someone in the group who doesn't drink. Everyone loves a driver!

I love teddy bears. Especially big ones. =p

Mabel Low:
how about flowers made from dollar notes? $_$

Mei Teng:
I'm only allergic to beer, and not wine. And I go down the next day just drinking one bottle of beer, so shouldn't be a hangover.

I love soft toys, but my Wifey will assure you I'm no sensitive guy. *blush*

foongpc said...

Congrats on the Award!! : )

foongpc said...

1) You are allergic to beer? Serious!! Wow! First time I heard of this, so what happens when u drink beer?

foongpc said...

2) Are you ordering the Angry Birds plush toys? : D

foongpc said...

5) Wah! So healthy? Picky with meats?

Shingo T said...

when I drink beer, I lose control of myself and pull the leg hair of every guy I see.
Kidding. =p I just go down with a bad fever for the next 3 days.

When you are as old as Uncle Shingo, you have to be careful of what goes into the choked oily arteries.

Stefanie said...


alright, surprised with No.2. seriously.

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